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How to make car sounds in ArmA 3

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Dose anyone know how to make sounds for cars and what all the Green values are. This is from the Offroad config i know that the values have something to do with rpm cause the 3500 is the max number and the Offroad reline rpm in 3000 but i don't know what the rest are and how they related to the rpm e.g (0.95 +)i have no clue what that is???

class Idle_ext


sound[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\vehicles\soft\Offroad_01\engine_ext_idle",0.31622776,1,100};

frequency = "0.95 + ((rpm/ 3500) factor[(200/ 3500),(580/ 3500)])*0.15";

volume = "engineOn*camPos*(((rpm/ 3500) factor[(200/ 3500),(350/ 3500)]) * ((rpm/ 3500) factor[(580/ 3500),(400/ 3500)]))";


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