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Games I would like to see from BIStudio :)

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Take On : Tanks

A detailed simulation of various tanks, among them the Leopard 2 (Germany), T72 (Russia), M3 Bradley and M1A2 (both USA).

It should offer a campaign where you can take over command of a Tank Squad and lead them through various very tactical missions, requiring you to use the full spectrum of the abilities of a Tank like Thermal, TOW Missiles (M3), Main Cannon, Smoke, Coaxial Gun etc.

You should be able to use the various computers inside a modern tank to find and destroy your targets.

Arma is cool, but the Tank simulation is not detailed enough for me, sorry. But Arma is not a vehicular Simulator, so that is fine in that context.

I played a game on the C64 that I loved and which is basically the reason why I want such a game :D.

If I could chose from all of them, I'd want this one the most :D.

Take On : Submarines

Sounds a bit crazy maybe, but I'd love a new submarine Game :D. The player should be able to command a modern submarine and have all sorts of missions, from Nuke Launch to anti-sub missions.

I hate WW2, so I'd rather see modern subs. I played Jane's 688(I) Hunter/Killer, Silent Hunter and Sub Command from EA, which featured original Sonar Training Software.

And I loved them. Not so much Silent Hunter though, because of WW2. I am just sick of the setting.

Arma - Naval Combat

I'd also absolutely love a game about large scale naval operations where you command a squad of Destroyers and various Battleships to protect your Carrier and to sink the enemy fleet. Including deck guns, missiles and modern aircraft. You should be able to fire missiles yourself, but the focus should be on a large scale battle.

Basically Arma on Sea.

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I'd like to see an RPG like game on a big huge open world.

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