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From the creators of Stratis Life: ArmA 3 Life

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Not sure what your actually talking about but as we clearly can see that you are just wanting to come on here and flame than ask questions as I can tell you since we changed our rules to comply with Bohemia that you and I have not had any discussions to where I told you needed to pay to play our mod. So I will be very clear as it appears some need it spelled out for them.


1) Fill out Civilian Application

2) Complete Teamspeak Interview

3) Wait two weeks and interact on forums as a civilian

4) Apply to EMS, PD or SO (Sheriffs)

5) If accepted your into Beta

Prior there was the ability to pay $30.00 and be a gold donator or higher and get access to our beta testing. That was been removed to meet compliance with Bohemia Interactive.

If you have additional questions or concerns, you can always find me on Teamspeak to discuss or forums.

No restricted access, well there it is in plain text. If you pay the $30 "Donation" steps past 2 aren't necessary. Isn't that the very definition of breaching the License Agreement.

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No restricted access, well there it is in plain text. If you pay the $30 "Donation" steps past 2 aren't necessary. Isn't that the very definition of breaching the License Agreement.

It is, these people think they are smart. Explanation of A3L:

It's basically Altis life slapped on to lakeside with devs thinking they are doing something. Cars look terrible, if not outside the inside looks like it was made for GTA. Which they did take models from and few other games. The lead dev that left thinks it's stupid because that the opposite of what they had In mind. Where's all the "custom dynamic" businesses that was the main idea of it. Why is everyone running around with assault rifles? "Oh it's still beta" my ass, that's no excuse. "HEY GUYS LOOK AT THIS COOL STUFF WILL NEVER DO!! LOOK AT THESE CUSTOM CARS WE TOTALLY DESIGNED OURSELVES FROM SCRATCH!! OH LOOK AT THIS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM THAT SOOOOO DIFFERENT!!! LOOK AT OUR 'custom' SUPER COOL MAP WE TOTALY MADE!!!! WERE SOOOO NEXT GEN ARMA MAAAAAATE!! JUST FILL OUT A APP THATS USELESS IN GAME AND PAY $30 'donation' TO PLAY ON SOMETHING ANYONE COULD DO!! TONS OF YOUTUBERS PLAY ON IT NOW :)))))))))!!!!"

It's the biggest failure ever but people play on it because no one knows anything about Arma and Youtubers play on it. Add to that the fact charging $30 to play breaks Bohemia's terms and service. Person who made life for Arma 3 is laughing at them. It's just Arma 2 island life but for A3. People will just use the mods and map and tons of servers will pop up. This is nothing new or 'next gen'.

---------- Post added at 18:38 ---------- Previous post was at 17:55 ----------

Added: Do you have credit for these? I honestly LOL'd so hard when I saw this. I was actually just pulling 'taking models from forza and GTA' out of my ass because I knew you guys didn't make them.

Him doing it: http://www.twitch.tv/teamrealtime/b/578633515

http://i.imgur.com/OajxFLm.png (909 kB)

Skeptical about "proxpro". Can't find anything on him if you could link me.

http://i.imgur.com/vUdOu86.png (284 kB)

Where is the model/credits for this?

http://i.imgur.com/5HF9zqb.png (581 kB)

If the dev team could please post the credits for everything currently in the server?

You pay around $40-60 for ArmA 3. All the content on ArmAHolic, sample models, programs/tools and support is free. You shouldn't have to pay to play on a server made with Bohemia's assets. This game is not meant for pay 2 win donation perks' or roleplay. Its a sandbox military simulation game (please inform me if that has changed). This is to have fun with your buddies or yourself shooting things, not 'cry to a admin drama' simulator. What could you possibly do with all that money you've made so far? Shit, you could use it to hire people that can make models from scratch or make the server functions/mission. I will not pay money to play a game, nor pay money to underage teens who can't produce their own content or rightfully give credit to content makers. Why do you guys keep arguing that your doing nothing wrong? It's kinda sad that you would need a 'attorney' for a internet game, that means you know you are doing wrong but won't own up to it.

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if anyone has the mod can you suggest any other authors we might contact?

Here is screen shots of their folder structure sent to me by a moderator on my forums.





From what I can see they are using the following:

Kiory's Random Hat Madness (Source files)

Ivory Aircraft - CRJ-200

Ivory Aircraft - T6A

Ivory Aircraft - ERJ 135

FLAY's HangGlider



etc etc

The full list is in the screen shots.

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His mission is published on armaholic under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported. In the last page he is requesting the removal of code and he simply cannot revoke us those rights:

Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format

The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.


And Tonic weren't you the one who originally implemented a donation system into Altis Life, so don't come here and talk about others that you think are breaking the agreement, also we've changed a lot more than just a variable name...

Emphasis mine. "NoDerivs" clearly means you are not allowed to create derivative versions, which you admit to having done in the second quote.

Thread locked until this is cleared up. (And no, it won't be deleted.)

Edited by MadDogX

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Right ok so now the moderators have dolled out the infractions, now there is a large amount of issues people have raised so I'll address a few;

1. Regarding people using your content without your consent this is something you need to tackle between your teams like gentlemen and ladies. Not throwing around wild accusations on the forums, we can't and won't investigate all claims of he/she stole my things. You need to contact them directly to resolve this.

2. The topic isn't going to be deleted.

3. Charging for in-game items/server access - This is something we have been discussing for a while and is something we are looking at but currently the rule is that you aren't able to charge for access to a server or for ingame content. I have spoken to the team behind A3L and I believe they have stopped this now.

4. People who want to use this forum for breaking Wheaton's law will be removed.

5. Anyone has an issue with what the moderators have done please contact me directly via e-mail at matt.lightfoot@bistudio.com

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