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Antoine Flemming's Mediterranean Operations (NATOSOC + SCOJFC bundle)

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these look really nice. I would advise you to keep with bis stuff for now and not use mods. You know bis stuff will stick around, but counting on another mod might not be wise, for now at least.

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I love the Gen. 4 multicam!

Don't like the 'custom' vests though.. guess that's just a matter of taste.

Something you could improve on:

-shoulder patches look weird! US flags should look the same as the ones on the regular uniforms. small patch thing above the flag looks weird for all uniforms.

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Could you do ECH's and T-Shirt/Long Sleeve/Short Sleeve uniform variations for each group? This would help me out A LOT, because I will be using this mod in my upcoming campaign. Thanks!

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So far, no plans on doing ECHs as these are SF, and I want them to roll light. The black MXs aren't mine, they're another addon, but those guys are the DAE (Direct Action Element) guys. So look for Direct Action Element. The specific one in that screenshot is the Gen 1 unit. Direct Action Element is essentially Delta Force. In 2012 I think referred to name was Combat Action Group (CAG), so I just made up a new name for them. But, they're 1st SFOD-D/Delta Force.

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Still no plan for rolled down sleeves or t-shirts for the rest of the combat uniforms. That might happen later on (yes, it's config work). In the mean time a couple of things to look forward to for the next update:


From left to right: US 7th ID in OMCP (Operation Magnitude Camo Pattern), soldier in OCP (OEF Camo Pattern), Lemnos Armed Forces (OPFOR, allied with the Iranians, my version of the AAF), and 10th Special Forces Group in black snakeskin camo.

As well, I've separated out the US 7th ID, CTRG, CIA, and 10th SFG groups into a new NATO Mediterranean Joint Forces Command faction (in the last update I'd only done this for the individual units). I updated languages for all units: UK now uses British English voices, non-UK/US use Altian English, and CTRG and NATO Crewmen use default English, British English , and Altian English. The way the languages work, with a little fix of mine, is that you choose your speaker in the profile, 1 - 9 (sounds American, yes). There are 4 Greek voices, 4 Persian voices, and 4 British voices IIRC. For speakers 1 - 9, 1 - 4 are the GRE, PER, and ENGB speakers 1 - 4, 5-8 ENG are 1-4 GRE, PER, and ENGB, and 9 is speaker 1 for the three. You select the speaker in the profile, and then, depending on the nationality of the unit, you'll speak in that language per the speakers above. That's how the Greek and Persian voices work, and I just made a small fix to make the British voices work the same way. So when playing as the SAS or SBS, you'll sound British (yeah, there's a new SBS faction/group with a "Maritime" MTP camo pattern. Looks nice underwater. I'll post up pics of that later).

Oh, and that flag on the LAF soldier is the real-world Lemnos flag I think.

Edited by antoineflemming

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No, not really. Unless I make my own black MXs. And, currently, I think the only way to do that is to hex edit the MX models, and I'd prefer not to do that.

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New update pics are looking awesome. I like your ideas regarding the languages, nice little addition. The camo textures in that pic look amazing, especially the black snakeskin. Will there be any different snakeskins? Perhaps green or desert? Thanks for your great work as always!!!

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Version 1.20


Required Addons: Cunico's Hidden Identity Pack, Astast's Pakol Hat


-Put the .pbo files in your ArmA3 AddOns folder. The use of mod folders is strongly encouraged.



Here is my Mediterranean Operations bundle, which features uniform, vest, and helmet reskins.


Tensions rise as NATO and Iranian forces stand-off in the Aegean: the strategic fault-line between crumbling European influence and a powerful, resurgent East. But when a key radar facility drops off the grid, a Mediterranean flashpoint risks escalating into global conflict.


Blighted by the long tail of a deep-rooted economic crisis and sliding toward the threshold of war, beleaguered NATO member-states stand weakened against an ambitious, resurgent Iran.

Flooded with profits from the rich export markets of a resource-thirsty SE-Asia and the rising price of oil, bolstered by strong ties with China and strategic entente with Russia, Iran sought to expand its influence.

Deployed under the auspices of a swift humanitarian response, Turkey – decimated by a series of devastating and unprecedented natural disasters – fell within months to the ruthless Iranian Armed Forces. Iran’s aggressive expansion – spilling over into Greek sovereign territory – was brought to a halt in Rhodope Prefecture with the ratification of the Jerusalem Peace Accord of 2034, which crystallized a new strategic front along the shorelines of the Aegean Sea.

With the US locked into its own proxy-wars against aggressive Chinese expansionism in the Pacific, with each year more member-states leaving NATO on the promise of Russian oil, the fragmented alliance faces the growing risk of a global conflict that they can ill-afford.



North Atlantic Treaty Organization – Special Operations Command

Faction info:

The forces serving under NATOSOC’s Mediterranean Joint Force Command are deployed across the North and South Aegean municipal regions of Greece. Bases across the archipelago – a strategic borderline between NATO and Iranian influence – are in a state of alert, following a period of heightened tension since The Jerusalem Peace Accord of 2034.

The serving contingent is a composition of elements of the US Direct Action Element (DAE), Seal Team Six (STS), 5th Special Forces Group (5th SFG); the British Special Air Service (SAS); the French 1er Régiment de Parachutistes d'Infanterie de Marine (1er RPIMa); the Italian 9º Reggimento d'Assalto Paracadutisti (IL NONO); the Polish Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego (GROM); the German Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK); and the Hellenic 1 Taxiarhia Katadromon-Alexiptotiston (1st KATADROMON).


Shanghai Cooperation Organization – Joint Forces Command

Faction info:

The presence of the Iranian Armed Forces in the Aegean, supported by Russian, Chinese, Takistani, and militant forces, is estimated to consist of a battalion-sized combined fighting force with conventional capabilities. This deployment is concentrated around a newly constructed military base, adjacent to a former NATO/Greek air force base (ICAO: LGLM). The majority of this force is designated to base perimeter protection and a counter-insurgency campaign, fending off the threat posed by an active local resistance movement.

The equipment and order of battle of the Iranian troops is reportedly compliant with the common Resource Zone Protection Force structure, including enhanced defensive, ELINT and SIGINT capabilities. Due to the proximity of the Turkish coast, the force is estimated to be fairly well supplied. Supporting the deployed SCO forces are pro-Iranian paramilitary Akhanteros Front and a Raven Security detachment, assisting with counterinsurgency and stability operations. Of highest concern to NATOSOC is the presence of Russian MEDVED, Chinese CHENGDU, and Iranian MARDKHOR “beyond-black†Special Forces.


Mediterranean Alliance of Sovereign States

Faction info:

With rumored joint CIA and SIS support, an armed local resistance was formed on Crete and exported to Agios Efstratios and Limnos in the weeks and months following the Iranian invasion of the Aegean. Composed of former Hellenic Armed Forces stranded on the island and aided by smugglers and weapon merchants, the resistance is an active, hostile, guerrilla faction acting against Iranian forces.

Little is known about their current strength or capabilities. Presumably, the resistance relies upon only light equipment, augmented by captured or stolen assets of the Iranian army, obtained from hidden military depots or via a black market network. Cooperation with local resistance seems viable, yet a cautious approach is required.


xbkl.jpg f4nl.jpg hvsq.jpg

a1ti.jpg hywh.jpg hs9x.jpg



-Bohemia Interactive

-Kiory (balaclava)




-andrewmarley from TurboSquid















NATO Special Operations Command


H_Hat_Beanie - Beanie

H_Beret_brn - Beret (Brown)

H_Beret_blk - Beret (Black)

H_Beret_grn - Beret (Green)

H_Beret_red - Beret (Red)

H_Balaclava_grn - Balaclava (Green)

H_Balaclava_blk - Balaclava (Black)

H_Balaclava_brn - Balaclava (Brown)

H_Kufiya_cbr - Keffiyeh (Coyote Brown)

H_Kufiya_gray - Keffiyeh (Gray)

H_Kufiya_grn - Keffiyeh (Green)

H_Kufiya_blk - Keffiyeh (Black)

H_Kufiya_brn - Keffiyeh (Brown)

H_Keffiyeh_OD - Keffiyeh (Olive Drab)

H_Keffiyeh_D - Keffiyeh (Desert)

H_Booniehat_mcam - Boonie Hat (Multicam)

H_Booniehat_mcam_desert - Boonie Hat (Des. Multicam)

H_Booniehat_mcam_gen4 - Boonie Hat (Multicam Gen 4)

H_Booniehat_aor3 - Boonie Hat (AOR-3)

H_Booniehat_atacsar - Boonie Hat (A-TACS AR)

H_Booniehat_mtp - Boonie Hat (MTP)

H_Booniehat_maritime_mtp - Boonie Hat (Maritime MTP)

H_Booniehat_aridcenteur - Boonie Hat (Arid Centre Europe)

H_Booniehat_mland - Boonie Hat (Multiland)

H_Booniehat_aridpantera - Boonie Hat (Arid Pantera)

H_Booniehat_aridfleck - Boonie Hat (AridFleck)

H_Booniehat_gr_pix_temp - Boonie Hat (Pixel Temperate)

H_Booniehat_gr_pix_arid - Boonie Hat (Pixel Arid)

H_Booniehat_msplint - Boonie Hat (MultiSplint)


H_HelmetB_OCP - ECH (OCP)

H_HelmetB_BLK - ECH (Black)

H_Helmet_Foliage - Camouflaged Helmet


H_Helmet_blk_OPSCORE_light - OPSCORE FAST (Black)

H_Helmet_mcam_OPSCORE_light - OPSCORE FAST (Multicam)

H_Helmet_mcam_desert_OPSCORE_light - OPSCORE FAST (Des. Multicam)

H_Helmet_mcam_crye_gen4_light - OPSCORE FAST (Multicam Gen 4)

H_Helmet_aor3_OPSCORE_light - OPSCORE FAST (AOR-3)

H_Helmet_atacsar_OPSCORE_light - OPSCORE FAST (A-TACS AR)

H_Helmet_mtp_OPSCORE_light - OPSCORE FAST (MTP)

H_Helmet_aridcenteur_OPSCORE_light - OPSCORE FAST (Arid Centre Europe)

H_Helmet_mland_OPSCORE_light - OPSCORE FAST (Multiland)

H_Helmet_aridpantera_OPSCORE_light - OPSCORE FAST (Arid Pantera)

H_Helmet_aridfleck_OPSCORE_light - OPSCORE FAST (AridFleck)

H_Helmet_IWH - Integrated Warfighter Helmet

Eyewear (Identities):

B_NATO_Shemagh_Face_D - Face Shemagh (Desert)

B_NATO_Shemagh_Face_OD - Face Shemagh (Olive Drab)

G_GasMask_PBF - PBF Gas Mask


NVAugmentedReality - AugmentedReality NVGs

NVCombat - Combat Goggles NVGs

NVLowProfile - Low Profile NVGs


V_PlateCarrier1_omcp_crye - Plate Carrier A (OMCP)

V_PlateCarrier1_rgr_crye - Plate Carrier A (Ranger Green)

V_PlateCarrier1_blk_crye - Plate Carrier A (Black)

V_PlateCarrier1_mcam_crye - Plate Carrier A (Multicam)

V_PlateCarrier1_mcam_desert_crye - Plate Carrier A (Des. Multicam)

V_PlateCarrier1_mcam_crye_gen4 - Plate Carrier A (Multicam Gen 4)

V_PlateCarrier1_ocp_crye - Plate Carrier A (OCP)

V_PlateCarrier1_aor3_crye - Plate Carrier A (AOR-3)

V_PlateCarrier1_atacsar_crye - Plate Carrier A (A-TACS AR)

V_PlateCarrier1_mtp_crye - Plate Carrier A (MTP)

V_PlateCarrier1_maritime_mtp_crye - Plate Carrier A (Maritime MTP)

V_PlateCarrier1_aridcenteur_crye - Plate Carrier A (Arid Centre Europe)

V_PlateCarrier1_mland_crye - Plate Carrier A (Multiland)

V_PlateCarrier1_aridpantera_crye - Plate Carrier A (Arid Pantera)

V_PlateCarrier1_aridfleck_crye - Plate Carrier A (AridFleck)

V_PlateCarrier1_gr_pix_temp_crye - Plate Carrier A (Pixel Temperate)

V_PlateCarrier1_gr_pix_arid_crye - Plate Carrier A (Pixel Arid)

V_PlateCarrier1_omcp_camelbak_crye - Plate Carrier B (OMCP)

V_PlateCarrier1_rgr_camelbak_crye - Plate Carrier B (Ranger Green)

V_PlateCarrier1_blk_camelbak_crye - Plate Carrier B (Black)

V_PlateCarrier1_mcam_camelbak_crye - Plate Carrier B (Multicam)

V_PlateCarrier1_mcam_desert_camelbak_crye - Plate Carrier B (Des. Multicam)

V_PlateCarrier1_mcam_camelbak_crye_gen4 - Plate Carrier B (Multicam Gen 4)

V_PlateCarrier1_ocp_camelbak_crye - Plate Carrier B (OCP)

V_PlateCarrier1_aor3_camelbak_crye - Plate Carrier B (AOR-3)

V_PlateCarrier1_atacsar_camelbak_crye - Plate Carrier B (A-TACS AR)

V_PlateCarrier1_mtp_camelbak_crye - Plate Carrier B (MTP)

V_PlateCarrier1_maritime_mtp_camelbak_crye - Plate Carrier B (Maritime MTP)

V_PlateCarrier1_aridcenteur_camelbak_crye - Plate Carrier B (Arid Centre Europe)

V_PlateCarrier1_mland_camelbak_crye - Plate Carrier B (Multiland)

V_PlateCarrier1_aridpantera_camelbak_crye - Plate Carrier B (Arid Pantera)

V_PlateCarrier1_aridfleck_camelbak_crye - Plate Carrier B (AridFleck)

V_PlateCarrier1_gr_pix_temp_camelbak_crye - Plate Carrier B (Pixel Temperate)

V_PlateCarrier1_gr_pix_arid_camelbak_crye - Plate Carrier B (Pixel Arid)

V_PlaceCarrier1_khk_fcs - Crye Armor Chassis A (Khaki)

V_PlaceCarrier1_od_fcs - Crye Armor Chassis A (Olive Drab)

V_PlaceCarrier1_blk_fcs - Crye Armor Chassis A (Black)

V_PlaceCarrier1_scorpion_fcs - Scorpion Armor Chassis A

V_PlaceCarrier1_mcam_crye_fcs - Crye Armor Chassis A (Multicam)

V_PlaceCarrier1_mcam_desert_crye_fcs - Crye Armor Chassis A (Multicam)

V_PlaceCarrier1_mcam_crye_gen4_fcs - Crye Armor Chassis Gen4 A (Multicam)

V_PlaceCarrier1_msplint_ctrg_fcs - CTRG Armor Chassis A (MultiSplint)

V_PlaceCarrier1_khk_fcs_half - Crye Armor Chassis B (Khaki)

V_PlaceCarrier1_od_fcs_half - Crye Armor Chassis B (Olive Drab)

V_PlaceCarrier1_blk_fcs_half - Crye Armor Chassis B (Black)

V_PlaceCarrier1_scorpion_fcs_half - Scorpion Armor Chassis B

V_PlaceCarrier1_mcam_crye_fcs_half - Crye Armor Chassis B (Multicam)

V_PlaceCarrier1_mcam_desert_crye_fcs_half - Crye Armor Chassis B (Multicam)

V_PlaceCarrier1_mcam_crye_gen4_fcs_half - Crye Armor Chassis Gen4 B (Multicam)

V_PlaceCarrier1_msplint_ctrg_fcs_half - CTRG Armor Chassis B (MultiSplint)

V_PlaceCarrier1_khk_fcs_lite - Crye Armor Chassis Lite (Khaki)

V_PlaceCarrier1_od_fcs_lite - Crye Armor Chassis Lite (Olive Drab)

V_PlaceCarrier1_blk_fcs_lite - Crye Armor Chassis Lite (Black)

V_PlaceCarrier1_scorpion_fcs_lite - Scorpion Armor Chassis Lite

V_PlaceCarrier1_mcam_crye_fcs_lite - Crye Armor Chassis Lite (Multicam)

V_PlaceCarrier1_mcam_desert_crye_fcs_lite - Crye Armor Chassis Lite (Multicam)

V_PlaceCarrier1_mcam_crye_gen4_fcs_lite - Crye Armor Chassis Gen4 Lite (Multicam)

V_PlaceCarrier1_msplint_ctrg_fcs_lite - CTRG Armor Chassis Lite (MultiSplint)


U_B_CombatUniform_omcp_army - Army Combat Uniform (OMCP)

U_B_CombatUniform_omcp_crye - Crye Combat Uniform (OMCP)

U_B_CombatUniform_blk_crye - Crye Combat Uniform (Black)

U_B_CombatUniform_od_ctrg - Crye Combat Uniform (Olive Drab)

U_B_CombatUniform_scorpion_crye - Scorpion Combat Uniform

U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_crye_gen1 - Crye Combat Uniform (Multicam) GEN I

U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_desert_crye - Crye Combat Uniform (Des. Multicam)

U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_crye_gen2 - Crye Combat Uniform (Multicam) GEN II

U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_crye_gen3 - Crye Combat Uniform (Multicam) GEN III

U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_crye_gen4 - Crye Combat Uniform (Multicam) GEN IV

U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_oga_gen4 - Crye Combat Uniform OGA (Multicam) GEN IV

U_B_CombatUniform_ocp_army - Army Combat Uniform (OCP)

U_B_CombatUniform_aor3_crye - Crye Combat Uniform (AOR-3)

U_B_CombatUniform_atacsar_crye - Crye Combat Uniform (A-TACS AR)

U_B_CombatUniform_mtp_crye - Crye Combat Uniform (MTP)

U_B_CombatUniform_maritime_mtp_crye - Crye Combat Uniform (Maritime MTP)

U_B_CombatUniform_aridcenteur_crye - Crye Combat Uniform (Arid Centre Europe)

U_B_CombatUniform_mland_crye - Crye Combat Uniform (Multiland)

U_B_CombatUniform_aridpantera_crye - Crye Combat Uniform (Arid Pantera)

U_B_CombatUniform_aridfleck_crye - Crye Combat Uniform (AridFleck)

U_B_CombatUniform_gr_pix_temp_crye - Hellenic Combat Uniform (Pixel Temperate)

U_B_CombatUniform_gr_pix_arid_crye - Hellenic Combat Uniform (Pixel Arid)

U_B_CombatUniform_msplint_ctrg - CTRG Combat Uniform (MultiSplint)

U_B_Uniform_US_CIA - Takistani Garb (CIA SAD)

SCO Joint Forces Command


H_Cap_RU_Raven - Cap (Raven Security)

H_Helmet_6b9 - 6b9 Combat Helmet

H_Helmet_IR_Ballistic_NoHUD - Iranian Ballistic Helmet

H_Helmet_IR_Ballistic_HUD - Iranian Ballistic Helmet (HUD)

H_Helmet_IR_Ballistic_SF - Iranian Ballistic Helmet (SF)

H_Helmet_ZSh22_IBH - ZSh-22 IBH

H_Helmet_ZSh22_BLK_IBH - ZSh-22 IBH (Black)

H_Helmet_ZSh22_IBH_HUD - ZSh-22 IBH (HUD)

H_Helmet_Zsh22_BLK_IBH_HUD - ZSh-22 IBH Black (HUD)

H_Helmet_ZSh23_IBH - ZSh-23 IBH

H_Helmet_ZSh23_BLK_IBH - ZSh-23 IBH (Black)

H_Helmet_PASGT_Type09 - PASGT (Type 09)

H_Helmet_PASGT_Pix_Temp - LAF PASGT Combat Helmet (Temperate)

H_Helmet_PASGT_Pix_Arid - LAF PASGT Combat Helmet (Arid)

H_Helmet_PASGT_Pix_Desert - LAF PASGT Combat Helmet (Desert)


V_TacVest_TK - Takistani Tactical Vest

V_TacVest_MEDVED_GRN - Russian Tactical Vest (Green)

V_TacVest_MEDVED_BLK - Russian Tactical Vest (Black)

V_TacVest_CN - PLA Tactical Vest

V_PlateCarrierLAF1_Pix_Temp - LAF Plate Carrier Lite (Temperate)

V_PlateCarrierLAF1_Pix_Arid - LAF Plate Carrier Lite (Arid)

V_PlateCarrierLAF1_Pix_Desert - LAF Plate Carrier Lite (Desert)

V_PlateCarrierLAF2_Pix_Temp - LAF Plate Carrier (Temperate)

V_PlateCarrierLAF2_Pix_Arid - LAF Plate Carrier (Arid)

V_PlateCarrierLAF2_Pix_Desert - LAF Plate Carrier (Desert)


U_OI_CombatUniform_tcamo - Takistani Fatigues (Hex)

U_OI_CombatUniform_RU_medsurpat - Russian Gorka (Mediterranean Surpat 2.0)

U_OI_Uniform_RU_Raven - Raven Security Uniform

U_OI_CombatUniform_RU_aridsurpat - Russian Gorka (Arid Surpat 2.0)

U_OI_CombatUniform_RU_wdlsurpat - Russian Gorka (Woodland Surpat 2.0)

U_OI_CombatUniform_RU_medved - Russian Gorka (MEDVED)

U_OI_CombatUniform_CN_Type09 - Chinese Gorka (Type 09 Arid)

U_OI_CombatUniform_hex_camo_iaf - Iranian Fatigues (IAF)

U_OI_CombatUniform_hex_camo_mardkhor - Iranian Fatigues (MARDKHOR)

U_O_CombatUniform_blk_redpegasus - Combat Uniform (Red Pegasus)

U_OI_Uniform_Hezbollah_Light - Hezbollah Uniform Light

U_OI_Uniform_Hezbollah - Hezbollah Uniform

U_O_CombatUniform_LIM_Pix_Temp - LAF Combat Uniform (Temperate)

U_O_CombatUniform_LIM_Pix_Arid - LAF Combat Uniform (Arid)

U_O_CombatUniform_LIM_Pix_Desert - LAF Combat Uniform (Desert)

U_OI_Uniform_GR_Paramilitary - Paramilitary Uniform

Mediterranean Alliance


U_I_CombatUniform_cr_pix_arid - Cretan Fatigues (Pixel Arid)

U_I_CombatUniform_str_pix_arid - Stratian Fatigues (Pixel Arid)

U_I_CombatUniform_lim_grey - Limnos Resistance Fatigues (Grey)




-added SBS units and group with Maritime MTP boonie hat, plate carrier, and combat uniform

-modified Multicam patterns (again)

-removed Sapper uniforms

-added US Army OCP uniform, plate carriers, and ECH

-changed black combat shirt, giving it a new pattern

-added black ECH and OPS-CORE FAST helmet

-changed OPS-CORE classnames from *_crye_light to *_OPSCORE_light

-changed color of moisture-wicking section of Multicam Gen 4 Combat Shirt to green/foliage

-updated CTRG camouflage pattern

-updated languages for all units: UK now uses British voices, non-UK/US use Altian English, and CTRG and NATO Crewmen use default ENG, British ENG, and Altian ENG.

-added US 10th Special Forces Group

-added US 7ID, US 7ID Engineers, CTRG, 10th SFG, and CIA groups to NATO Mediterranean Joint Forces Command group faction to match individual unit factions

-fixed Armor Chassis weighting issue

-added Lemnos Armed Forces units to OPFOR with PASGT helmets, greenfor plate carriers, and combat uniforms in Pixel Temperate, Pixel Arid, and Pixel Desert camouflage patterns

-added new bearded head


-updated Multicam pattern

-added Multicam Gen 3 and Gen 4 Crye Combat Uniforms, and Gen 4 boonie hat, helmet, and vests

-added Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3 US DAE groups (based on Crye combat uniform)

-added Desert Multicam patterned Boonie hat, Helmet, Vests, and Uniform

-added CTRG MultiSplint splinter camo boonie hat, armor chassis, and uniform

-added Olive Drab combat uniform

-added Iranian IAF Hexacam pattern (original hexacam pattern from 2011)

-added Iranian Red Pegasus group with uniform and PBF Gas Mask

-added groups for new uniforms and gear

-added flags to all NATO uniforms

-added dependency - CIA SAD Operator now uses/requires Astast's Pakol Hat

-added 7 new bearded African and Caucasian heads

-added new story units Miller (CTRG), Novak (CTRG), and Kerry (7ID)

-added new SCO L-159 AA and CAS aircraft

-changed Sappers to 101st Airborne Div

-fixed character head issue

-tweaked Iranian MARDKHOR Hexacam pattern

-tweaked OMCP pattern

-updated Plate Carrier (FCS) model, changed name to Crye Armor Chassis, added Khaki and Olive Drab variants

-added two-shoulder, one-shoulder and lite variants for each armor chassis

-updated textures for all plate carriers

-fixed Hezbollah light uniform texture

-improved balaclava model

-updated CIA SAD uniform as new Takistani Garb (CIA SAD)

-moved US Army 7ID, US Army 7ID Engineers, CTRG A, and CIA SAD to new NATO Mediterranean Joint Forces Command faction to fit story.


-added Takistani Special Unit, Chinese PLA, and Iranian Armed Forces

-changed MEDVED (Mediterranean) to Russian Armed Forces (Mediterranean)

-added PASGT in Type 09 camo

-added Iranian Armed Forces uniform

-changed language of Russians and Chinese to Altian English (better than them speaking Farsi)

-added new US Operation Magnitude Camouflage Pattern (OMCP)

-added SF Engineer to US Direct Action Element subfaction

-added US Army 7th Infantry Division with Army Combat Uniform and ECH in OMCP

-added NATO SOC UH-80 Ghost Hawk, crewed by NATO SOC Helicopter Pilot and Crew, in plain and splinter camo versions

-added NATO SOC AH-66D Comanche, crewed by NATO SOC Helicopter Pilot and Crew, in plain and splinter camo versions

-added SCO JF Mi-48 Gorynych, crewed by SCO JF Helicopter Pilot and Crew, in olive drab and black paint versions

-added SCO JF Ka-60 Kamov, crewed by SCO JF Helicopter Pilot and Crew, in olive drab and black paint versions

-fixed various popup and missing ammo errors

Previous Updates:


-added new BLUFOR Tactical Glasses NVG (called AugmentedReality NVG) and OPFOR Low Profile NVG, pretty much NVG versions of the two glasses

Meant for those who use the face shemagh

-added CRV for US Sapper Team

-tweaked color of the Sapper Combat Uniform 2

-changed Greek Pixel Arid camouflage to match Lemnos/Agios Efstratios terrain, and to differentiate from Cretan Pixel Arid camo

-added plain MEDVED gorka (CSAT uniform in-game), changed MEDVED group to plain MEDVED gorka, added MEDVED Woodland and Arid groups

-replaced Kufiyas with BIS shemag

-added original story characters CPT Miller, SGT Illing, and ODevil

-enlarged Greek camo patterns to correct size as the original BIS camo pattern

-changed Russian camo design to reflect BIS RUS camo (same as current AAF camo), colors remain the same

-improved all Gorka textures

-added Russian Mediterranean Surpat uniform (same color as current AAF camo) and group

-added pro-Iranian Greek paramilitary force "Akhanteros Front"; note: BIS uniform isn't finished, still has headgear and face on model.

Recommend playing as Greek and wearing Keffiyeh (Gray) with paramilitary uniform

-changed Limnos resistance texture to differentiate from Akhanteros Front uniform

-tweaked NATO SOC ARV texture

-added SCO Joint Forces APC (AFV-4 Gorgon retexture)

-added US CIA SAD to BLUFOR (currently use FIA team leader uniform)

-added armed technicals to Mediterranean Alliance, Hezbollah, and Akhanteros Front forces


-removed dependencies on outdated Russian and PLA addons, no longer requiring them

-replaced all NATO GPSs and Russian, Chinese, and Iranian GPSs with UAV terminals

-added new Scorpion unit and group

-US SCORPION, Russian MEDVED, Chinese CHENGDU, and Iranian MARDKHOR groups now include UGV instead of MRAP

-added third and fourth addons to the bundle: Custom Terrains (Lemnos and Agios Efstratios) and Mediterranean Alliance (Crete, Stratis, and Lemnos resistance)


-added inventory pictures for all uniforms and vests

-added black, red, green, and brown berets

-added headgear versions of desert and olive drab headwraps from Cunico's Hidden Identity Pack

-changed some KSK headgear to keffiyehs

-changed Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale to 1er Régiment de Parachutistes d'Infanterie de Marine. Classnames still have gign suffix however.

-tweaked Kufiya model

-changed Iranian MARDKHOR camouflage pattern to differentiate from CSAT uniforms

-changed Iranian MARDKHOR and Hezbollah headgear and glasses to keffiyehs and shemaghs from NATO SOC Addon

-added inventory pictures for all uniforms

-corrected Russian Tactical Vest (Black) texture

Known Issues:

-UI pics still not finished (next to-do, more time-consuming than you think)


Download (MediaFire) [458.37MB]: http://www.mediafire.com/?whnqase3of4s3cc

Edited by antoineflemming

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Love the mod, but when I tried it again on six updater ir wouldn't run, maybe because it was all in one mediterranean file, as opposed to the 4 mod folders.

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Love the mod, but when I tried it again on six updater it wouldn't run, maybe because it was all in one mediterranean file, as opposed to the 4 mod folders.

IDK. I haven't put it on Six Updater so I don't keep it up to date. Their program runs very very slowly on my PC so I just uninstalled it. It probably doesn't work because they don't have it set up right. Honestly, as long as it's reading from where ever it reads pbo files from, it should be ok. You'll have to check with them.

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Updated version frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.


We have also "connected" these pages to your account on Armaholic.

This means in the future you will be able to maintain these pages yourself if you wish to do so. Once this new feature is ready we will contact you about it and explain how things work and what options you have.

When you have any questions already feel free to PM or email me!

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I enjoy this mod, especially with the story line made to go with it which suits A3 very well. The new body armour and helmets added into the game is what I admire the most.

Do you reckon there's any chance Australia would fit in anywhere? Perhaps with the SASR, or perhaps even a joint Australian - New Zealand Special Ops Task Group?

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Once I work out the Australian multicam pattern, then I'll add them. I really need a lighter weight, closer fitting vest though. IDK, I'm thinking these NATOSOC guys need something lighter.

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Out of curiosity, why the 7th ID? They are a actual unit stationed at JB Lewis-McChord, but they're a tiny admin section only.

Honest question though.

Because that's the NATO unit in Arma 3. So when you're playing as the vanilla BLUFOR NATO guys, that's who you're playing as. Like in the campaign, the US guys on Stratis are 7th ID.

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Because that's the NATO unit in Arma 3. So when you're playing as the vanilla BLUFOR NATO guys, that's who you're playing as. Like in the campaign, the US guys on Stratis are 7th ID.

Okay trackin'. I have a tendency to forget that the Armaverse and reality area rarely comparable or accurate. Makes sense now I suppose.

Any chance of adding of adding say 1st ID or a different unit down the road?

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