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Trying to setup my map for dayz/wasteland mods for public servers

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I originally posted this is in the multiplayer/server forums, but no one has helped me there, so hopefully the visitor 3 forum can save me again!

I have very limited experience when it comes to adapting my content for server use, so any advice is greatly appreciated. I'm currently trying to work with a server owner who is willing to test my map. However, one issue we are both a little lost on is how to use the bikeys/bisign files. I was under the impression that the bisign files are just the individual key pbo's accompanying each signed pbo addon, as seen in each mod folder. The public bikey, i thought, was just a key used only by the server owner for ensuring no content without being properly signed could enter the server. According to this server owner, i'm mistaken.

Here are his quotes about the issue:

"i get wrong signature errors, and there is no bisign [a key that encompasses the whole mod]"

"no no you have all the bikeys in the pbo, which is correct. but then you need a bisign for the entire mod."

I also was told that each addon, including the dayz/wasteland mod files, need to be signed by me. Unfortunately, whenever i unpack and repack with my signature run into issues with the pbo files ingame, but that may be a separate issue.

Sorry if these questions are noob-ish, but its my first time publicly releasing this map

thanks for any help!


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Bikey only come from the person who created the mod/addon/PBO. These are for the server.

If you have multiple addons/PBOs by the same person, you only need the one Bikey

Bisign are for the players machine

Every PBO has its own Bisign

You said "my map" ... assume you mean "my terrain"

On your terrain use BinPBO with Create Signature switch on and through "options" direct it to your own .biprivatekey file.

This gives you a Bisign file for players and your PBO

To create your own .Bikey and .biprivatekey ;


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