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Adding Weapons to TOH

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Well there has been some discussion a while ago about adding some weapons to TOH. I have managed to find a way of accomplishing this goal without extra funds.

Everything happened because I wanted to play missions with extra weapons such as Convoy_Attack or Shapur_Revisited_100. I found it a bit off to buy Arma 2 OA so as just to take some of it's weapons since I am not interested in the game so I made do with what I had.

The steps are quite simple and I would like all players of TOH to have access to them. What you do is download Arma 2 free version and install it following the instructions. After this is done you should go to the game directory:

...\\Program Files\\Bohemia Interactive\\Arma 2 free version\\Addons.

There you shall find some specific files. These are:





Just copy these to your TOH addons folder and there you have it. The weapons shall be available for missions.

TOH will state some errors but it will not affect your game-play by any way.

Hope this helped.

Any posts with other "suggestions" or experiences would be much appreciated.

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