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Create Laser Guided Bomb and let it follow a Laser

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playing some warfare (benny) and I'm not very pleased with my artillery guys because most of the time they simply refuse to bomb targets ("adjust coordinates ...") when I manually give them the order to fire on a position (the benny warfare tactics artillery stuff has a wait time and I do not see the reason why I should wait between my artillery strikes, when I only use one gun but have several artillery guns).

So I had the idea to drop a bomb via console a few hundred meters above me and let it follow a laser.

I used "ARTY_Sh_105_LASER" createvehicle [x, y, z] but it won't follow the laser.

So how can I set the target to the laser? And would it be possible, that the bomb not only takes a snapshot of the target when it spawns but also follows this laser around a few meters?


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