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Different lightning for units and ground litrally highlight units.

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As the conceal is near zero and there is no potential for stealth, by flat microterrain, blurry textures, missing grass and clutter and no shadows at the distance, I recognized something even worse.









Besides the missing shadows, the lightning for units and the landscape is totally different and results in the highlighting of enemys and yourself. I use Bensons midrangetextures that are much darker but the effect is not much better with the regular textures.

Will there something done about this or just be ignored like the horrible midrange-textures?

Is the priority the pretty HDR-Lightning or the gameplay?

How can this go hand in hand with the word milsim and quality?

Why got this series a fanbase after nearly 3 releases and so few steps forward?


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Masharra posted direct links to the images.

@issue: i think as well this is big issue and needs developer attention.

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This is especially the case when the sun (or moon) is at a low angle so terrain shadow kicks in and the ground becomes really dark. However everything except the grass is still fully lit by the sun (or moon). I saw a ticket that covered lighting issues like this.



I know this is not exactly the same issue as described by the OP, however when you load Chernarus in AiA and place yourself for example next to the large mountain east of Chernogorsk during the morning, you will see that the character is noticeably darker in the shadow of the mountain. This is not just visible from short distances in fact this is also the case when shadows are turned off.

Similar to the darker tone during overcast weather this should be used to make units and foliage blend in better with the rest of the environment. With the changes to the lighting during the Alpha in mind, I wonder why this hasn't received any attention.

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