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Take On Mars - Update 1 released!

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Hello everyone, we have just released a new update to the main build! Featuring various game fixes and improvements, the new update also enables manual control for Mars landings. The complete overview of changes can be found in the changelog:

16th August 2013:- Added limited fuel to landing systems (Lander thrusters, Retro Stage thrusters, Sky Crane thrusters)		0000046
- Added fuel tank level indicators to the landing HUD
- Added indication of emergency landing mode to landing HUD
- Added hint to Gravon overlay for its menu (P)
- Fixed Invert Vertical Axis toggle in options menu		0000172
- Fixed issue where HUD grid showed up in 3rd person view during landing
- Fixed APXS and Drill targets in Large rover mission on Victoria Crater		0000227
- Fixed APXS target in mission Group of impact craters on Victoria Crater		0000253
- Fixed APXS target in mission Two impact craters on Victoria Crater		0000018
- Fixed Drill target in mission Three depressions on Gale Crater		0000244
- Fixed photo target in Kaiser Crater mission 3, Dark Dunes 06		0000266
- Changed default thrust button to left shift

15th August 2013:
- Added uploading of photos to Steam via the vehicle's photo viewer on the map
- Reduced opacity of landing HUD grid
- Removed HUD modes from the Radial Menu (to be used for dynamic actions)

14th August 2013:
- Added manual landing of vehicles (Landers and Rovers)
- Added T5 Small rover
- Adjusted descent cam rotation by 90 degrees
- Adjusted landers thrusters to keep straight while thrusting
- Adjusted priorities etc in several Kaiser Crater missions

13th August 2013:
- Fixed DAN science target in mission 4681		0000248
- Fixed Floating rocks near Kaiser Crater		0000250
- Fixed floating/clipped rock near ancient river in Kaiser Crater		0000243
- Fixed floating rock in Kaiser Crater map		0000140

12th August 2013:
- Added map zoom to cursor instead of center		0000050
- Fixed non-scanable rocks in Kaiser Crater misson 5044		0000213
- Fixed photograph rock bug in Kraiser Crater plateu		0000214
- Fixed photo targets in 2nd mission on Kaiser Crater
- Adjusted cameras on T5 Large lander (NAV cam replaced by TELE)
- Optimized calling of sky preset change

9th August 2013:
- Added WIP landing HUD to Landers, currently not fully functional
- Added more rocks to Victoria Crater
- Removed noise in 3rd person cam, even if no cams are present
- Fixed Gale Crater Impact Crater mission photo targets		0000198
- Fixed issue where turning off GUI elements did not work for landing HUD
- Fixed Landers not switching between landing and ground HUD

8th August 2013:
- Added versioning/synching of objects such as static objects to allow addition of more objects to locations
- Added clearing of duplicate ID objects, such as rocks and static objects
- Added more rocks to Victoria Crater
- Increased range for APXS slightly, making it easier to reach targets
- Reduced random part failure to make landings less error-prone
- Fixed an analyze target in Kaiser Crater not being completable
- Fixed duplicate IDs on 2 science targets in Kaiser, causing hell
- Fixed several side missions where the material was set to STONE, not ATMOSPHERE
- Fixed problem with Gravon not being unpacked on the Steam build, causing a crash		0000143

7th August 2013:
- Added versioning/synching of Space Program Science Targets to allow addition of more missions to locations
- Added more small side missions to Victoria Crater
- Fixed the further issues with Gravon
- Fixed the issues with the photo targets in Kaiser Crater		0000087
- Fixed several levitating rocks in Victoria Crater
- Changed one of the scientists in the lab to be kneeling

6th August 2013:
- Added TextListboxWidget functionality to script to edit contents of each column using SetItem()
- Added Feedback Tracker ID to issues in the Change Log
- Added more people to the Mission Control room
- Added scientists in white overalls to the Rover Lab
- Added several small side missions to Victoria Crater
- Fixed the issue where the variable Hotspot_CurHi could go below 0, causing a crash
- Fixed the issue where airbags deflated while still bouncing, damaging the rover		0000138
- Fixed the physics detail issue where small or medium rovers would not land		0000035
- Fixed the issue where switching from Space Program to Editor left you with a static camera		0000009
- Fixed a crash in the CTR tab when pressing SELECT and no items were present		0000016
- Fixed the terrain not meeting up with the rock walls in Gale Crater		0000023
- Fixed several levitating rocks in Gale Crater
- Optimized several shaders

5th August 2013:
- Added the Change Log viewer to the main menu
- Added 'Never freeze on alt+tab' launch parameter to Steam
- Fixed an issue with the Night Owl achievement, where an Editor-spawned vehicle could not complete it
- Fixed several issues with the Gravon arcade console
- Fixed the issue where the low resolution camera effect was carried over to the main menu		0000019
- Fixed an issue with the main and menu renders not filtering on resolution scales of greater than 1x
- Fixed levitating rocks in Kaiser Crater

2nd August 2013:
- Enabled the Gravon game console in the Mission Control room
- Fixed a crash with Index out of range (-4 >= 256) in scripts/Entities/VehicleWidgetHandler.h:108		0000029
- Hid 3 achievements by default

1st August 2013:

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