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ArmA 3 crash while opening map in editor

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this morning i tried to update my map (which was working yesterday) but now it wont launch in the editor and arma 3 crash.

I checked everything but all my settings are correct, i also tried a backup of my map (the one who was working yesterday) but arma 3 also crash.

I get this error in my binpbo log :

Cannot load material file goe\kepler69c\data\layers\p_000-000_l00_n.rvmat.

Cannot load material file goe\kepler69c\data\layers\p_000-000_l00_n.rvmat

Cannot load material file goe\kepler69c\data\layers\p_000-000_l00_l02.rvmat.

Cannot load material file goe\kepler69c\data\layers\p_000-000_l00_l02.rvmat

Cannot load material file goe\kepler69c\data\layers\p_000-000_n_l02.rvmat.

Cannot load material file goe\kepler69c\data\layers\p_000-000_n_l02.rvmat

Cannot load material file goe\kepler69c\data\layers\p_001-000_n_l02.rvmat.

Cannot load material file goe\kepler69c\data\layers\p_001-000_n_l02.rvmat

It was not there yesterday, do you have any clues as to why this is happening ?

My binpbo log : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26293265/kepler69c.log

BinPbo settings :


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path to projct folder


this how you pack with namsespace.

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wow, thanks ! I must have changed this one by mistake.

I spent all day trying to fix this ^^

Edit :

Now i tried again and it is still crashing when i open it but no more rvmat errors in my logs.

Edit #2 : I found the issue, apparently my new roads are making the game crash.

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