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Pal2Pace and -combine parameter - problem

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Hey guys.

I've yet another question.

I am about to combine a lot of textures using pal2pace and it's -combine function. Well, everything works fine, but.. When I am trying to load any texture made by pal2pace (the initial textures were in .tga format) in WrpTool - it says "out of memory while expanding memory stream."

Well.. I have tried to open up randomly picked up texture in TexView and it opened it without any trouble.

After saving combined .pac to .paa using TexView WrpTool had no problems with reading the texture.

Here is the question: is there any way to fix this problem, or do I have to open texture in TexView and save it to .paa for all these textures I combined with pal2pace?

That's the formula for the conversion (used in input.bat file, in the same folder as pal2pace.exe and pal2pac.dll is): pal2pace -combine t1.tga t2.tga t3.tga t4.tga t1t2t3t4.pac

I hope that someone knows, how could I solve this problem.

Thank you ;-)

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