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[STABLE, COOP] Operation Ricochet

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Operation Ricochet


Mission Type: COOP

Players: 1-8

AddOns Required: None


We planned the invasion of Stratis. On site we had an agent who made preparations for the invasion.

His last task was to prepare a LZ for a small sabotage squad. Shortly after, he was caught by the local forces.

Team Zulu, your mission is to cover our plans. Find the equipment and move on to Girna to search for the agent's hideout.

There are top-secret plans for the invasion. Don't let the enemy get hold of those!


My first mission for the Arma series, looking forward to your feedback!

- mission uses =BTC= Revive for reviving fallen teammates with a 5 minute timer

- respawn at base

- this mission was only tested on the stable branch and will most probably not work or have errors on the dev branch

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Just done playing version 1.0 with 4 other players and it was quite smooth. We had virtually no casualties, all went as planned -- and accordingly to the briefing. We had a lot of fun.

Can't believe this is your first mission for Arma, it was quite a great one! Looking forward to future missions, cheers.

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Nice mission, and looking forward to future updates ! ;)

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Wow thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it! :)

Some questions I have for you if you don't mind:

What do you think of the difficulty, is it too easy?

How long did it take you to finish, should I add a proper extraction part?

Is there anything in the briefing/tasks that was incomprehensible? I'm not a native English speaker.

Cheers :)

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Hey, this was lots of fun! I just played it with two other guys, and we really enjoyed it.

Re. your questions:

(1) I can't say anything about the difficulty, because the guy running our game was testing the Zeu_ServerSkill mod, which adjusts enemy skill levels. It ended up just right for us, but we're newbies.

(2) It took us about two hours, maybe two and a half, I think. I didn't mind a lack of extraction, but we were quite surprised by it. In fact, we still seemed to be in grave danger when the mission ended.

(3) There was no problem with your English, either. As far as I can remember, everything was clear.

I really liked the vehicles available for us (which kept us from walking, but weren't armored). And I liked the fact that out supply box differed for each character. Nice touch! Finally, there aren't enough ambush missions, and those I've seen tend to give us little time to get ready. This was just right.

All in all, this was a fine mission. Thanks for creating it!


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