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Arma 3 Campaign update blog

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Hi everyone,

Jay and myself, with the support of our team, have written a blog about the campaign news that broke earlier this week. This was supposed to happen before it was reported anywhere else. Unfortunately a communications mishap between us and our friends at PC Games, led to it being revealed via their website first. We regret it happened in this way, rather than via a direct message from us. We hope the blog answers some of the questions you have.

In September, we're launching Arma 3 across digital and retail stores worldwide with new singleplayer, multiplayer and sandbox content along with our crown jewel, the Altis terrain. You can check out the details of our launch content over here. Our campaign, however, will be made available across 3 free episodes after release.

Supplied as free DLC to everyone who owns the game, the first episode, Survive, will be available within the first 4 weeks of launch. The Adapt and Win episodes follow in the months thereafter. Read on for our rationale behind this move and for some new details about our release package.

Survive / Adapt / Win

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