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UK Roleplay Takistan Life: Revolution Version 1.10

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UK Roleplay Takistan Life: Revolution Version 1.10

are team speak is:

people we are looking for members feel free to join the server and come and join are community these are just some of are addons to are server we have lots more stuff. also we are looking to fill some slots in are staff team sign up and join team speak it is a friendly and fun community.

We have just launched a new Takistan life server, it has all the feautures of the big Takistan life server,and has other new features.

In the latest version of the patch we have developed CCTV camera, which are placed in certain places of the map, police can view these in their car and makes robbing the bank harder, to balance this the amount stolen is much higher. We also have a medic

system. Cops cannot heal civs, you have to call for a medic, medics are part of UN and have custom skin uniforms and ambulances.

Latest changelogs.

-==Change Logs - Version 1.10==-

- Get put on the wanted list for: Lockpicking, Robbing GS/ Supermarket, Hit & Run, Murder.

- Changed amount for robbing gas stations to about 8K when full.

- Removed M4 Stun rounds from cop base.

- Added Pushbike to Civilian Spawn shop

- New CCTV camera system.

Camera Locations:



-Resource Seller


-Civ Spawn

-Government Complex


For Cops to view the CCTV camera they must be in a car. Cops cannot control them as this would be overpowered and give them an unfair advantage.

- Fixed Spec Ops weapons create

- Increased spikestrip price

- Removed stuff from border, signs ect.

- Able to rob Resource Seller.

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