Hi all, i need help with this script, it worked before but not now i don't get an error so i don't know what the problem is. Here is the script rslots.sqf: private ["_reserved_units", "_reserved_uids", "_uid"]; waitUntil {!isNull player}; waitUntil {(vehicle player) == player}; waitUntil {(getPlayerUID player) != ""}; _reserved_units = ["unit_0","unit_1"]; _reserved_uids = ["1234567890"]; _uid = getPlayerUID player; if ((player in _reserved_units)&& !(_uid in _reserved_uids)) then { sleep 20; hint "You are in a member slot, kicking to lobby in 10 seconds"; sleep 10; failMission "end1"; }; i call the sript via the units init field like that: nul = this execVM "scripts\rslots.sqf";