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Added: A default value for the AIAvoidStance to the Default class of cfgSurfaces (0 means no change in the behavior on that surface, 1 means less preference for going prone, 2 means almost never going prone)

Relates to the previous post.
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Added: Ability to enableAI / disableAI "PATH", which stops the AI’s movement but not the target alignment

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Tweaked: Commanding AI to hold fire now stops also suppression

Previously the AI subordinate would keep firing to suppress despite the Hold fire ROE.

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Fixed: APCs would ignore the ‘Suppression’ command


Fixed: The ‘Suppression’ command was not working correctly for the FFV positions


Feedback goes ->here<- :)

Thank you!

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  • Tweaked: AI vehicle path-following was improved


  • Fixed: Some parameters for AI driving had incorrect syntax
  • Fixed: AI would refuse to drive vehicles in some cases (https://forums.bistu...anch/?p=3041048)
  • Tweaked: The PhysX component of AI driving was improved

☞ AI Driving - Feedback topic☜ :don2:

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  • Tweaked: AI now turns on the lights in vehicles a bit earlier
  • Tweaked: Turning commands for AI drivers have been optimized
  • Tweaked: The ability to get unstuck was improved for the AI drivers
☞ AI Driving - Feedback topic☜
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Tweaked: The speed of AI driving through waypoints in limited speed was optimized

☞ AI Driving - Feedback topic☜


Tweaked: The AI visibility at night was optimized

☞ AI almost everything else feedback topic☜ ;)

There have been some rather big changes to AI detection ranges and in general the detection should now more accurately reflect the audible and visual state (in harmony with vis. update).

To give some more details and quick examples (approx. distances, Regular diff., 0.6 skilled AI, flat surface without clutter)

  • Previously, in full moon night the AI was able to spot a running target at 25m and track it up to 350m. Now the AI is able to spot such target at 40m but it won't be able to track it further than roughly 80m.
  • With a flashlight the AI was sometimes able to spot a running target at more than 100m. Now the flashlight won't help the AI detect targets beyond 30-40m. That is still better than - without FL or NVG - a pitch black night where the AI almost exclusively relies on its hearing. Of course, when you decide to wander under the lights of streetlamps .... better shoot the bulbs ;) And don't even think about switchin on your own torch.
  • Previously the AI would almost always detect you if you got closer than 20m. Now you will be able to get more personal. But keep in mind that Arma is still not a super-stealthy come-tap-on-my-shoulder game. Our AI don't like hugging and shaking hands, they keep their comfy zone. Should you decide to poke the AI with your muzzle they will get angry at you. Even in the darkest night.
  • AI is always happy to use optics to spot scared players better. From now on the darker it gets the less useful are the optics to the AI. When you can't see your own toes seeing them 10x magnified doesn't help, right? ;)
  • Previously there was a little difference between how far the AI spotted static and a walking target. At the same time there was much more noticeable gap between running and sprinting. From player's perspective - of what is easier to notice - it's more of a static vs. moving target dilemna. Next time you try to ambush the AI, plan your movement carefully and freeze when in the enemy's LOS. It may save your life. (In numbers the detection is approx. 100m for crouched static target vs. 240m for walking, 340m running, 360m sprinting, target)
  • And also the gap between AI spotting you and recognizing you as an enemy has been increased. You'll be able to notice this mainly when facing AI that is already in combat mode and is actively looking for enemies. Focusing its sight in narrow angle and using optics. Such AI will be able to spot you - if you get into its focus area - much further away than AI that has its weapon lowered. But it will only be able to recognize you once you get a bit closer. (If you get spotted by an unaware AI patrol you are usually close enough for them to recognize you by focusing)
  • :ph34r:
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Tweaked: AI will now always land with the Blackfish VTOL using the vectoring mode (VTOL type 3)

AI flying a VTOL configured as STOL/VTOL-only (vtol=3, more info on wiki) will always increase the thrust vector angle when landing.


Added: A new useAISteeringComponent script command to globally toggle the overhauled AI driving (Dev-Branch only)

Allows you to better test and compare prev. and the new AI driving. Also if you encounter an issue with AI driving, try using this command and see whether it's caused by the changes.

(AI Driving - Feedback topic)


Tweaked: AI drivers will try to get into a better position when ordered to load into another vehicle


Tweaked: AI now should drop cargo closer to the “VEHICLE GET OUT†waypoint

(Vehicle in Vehicle Transport Feedback)


Fixed: AI drivers would ignore the ‘MOVE’ and ‘LOAD’ waypoints

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Tweaked: The AI vehicle pathfinding was improved



Costs of travelling through different areas were tweaked to suggest AI drivers to follow roads more. 

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Tweaked: The AI visibility in fog was decreased

Small tweak that was made as a part of the AI detection tweaks. In some cases the AI saw target in fog which wouldn't be visible to a player.

Tweaked: Several improvements to AI airplane piloting (including the VTOLs)

Smoother flying and better usage of control surfaces in turns.


Tweaked: Visibility of various character movement states (in relation to recent AI detection improvements)

Polishing of the animation visibleSize property. Few states used different values even though they visually looked similar.

Fixed: Multiple AI characters were trying to get into the same vehicle turret position in some cases


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Fixed: Using disableAI "MOVE" or "PATH" would not work for AI drivers


Only in new driving, well-known and loved flags can be disabled too.


Tweaked: Avoiding of trees and rocks by AI drivers was improved


Another tweak to pathfinding costs. Aimed at improving usage of roads.

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Tweaked: AI detection of weapon firing is now better

Brings the gunshot detection closer to 1.58 state (fixing https://feedback.bistudio.com/T118246) plus a bit more.

It slightly increases the hearing when compared to 1.58 (which was ~ 250m).

It also increases the gap between normal and suppressed weapons.

To give you some numbers - you can expect the AI to hear standard gunshots at about 300m and suppressed ones at slightly more than 50m (depends on the AI skill and weapon caliber (ammunition)). Tank cannon is ofc. heard by the AI much further away.

Especially for the louder weapons the values may still seem small when compared to the actual shot audibility (i.e. MX weapons are detected by AI @ 300m, but they can be heard by the player @ > 800m). We also wanted to avoid detection by units that may - from gameplay perspective - not be really related to the current AO. It's a compromise that can suit stealth missions as well as mid-battle ones. But it also depends on your feedback.

On the other hand the visual detection of shot has been lowered so AI will mostly rely on its hearing abilities.


Tweaked: AI driving speed was slightly increased

Actually too much. Will be decreased. Ongoing tweaking of AI drivingâ„¢
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Tweaked: AI is now less able to detect explosives while driving a vehicle

Vehicle crew wont notice most of the explosives except of the big ones and when driving really slowly.

Fixed: VTOLs would always take off facing North regardless of their waypoint direction

The AI will no longer make unnecessary turns when taking off.
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Tweaked: AI should now be less prone to crash the VTOLs while piloting them

AI should no longer crash during normal flight and STOL. VTOL can still be problematic, esp. when landing in more complicated terrain.

Fixed: AI would not mount the LSV gunner positions directly (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T118893)

AI didn't iterate properly through the available turrets and after a "get in as gunner" command it moved into FFV positions before occupying the correct gunner's one. Now after that command the AI will always move into gunner's post only.
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Fixed: Only one entity in a squad would obey the Get In command

Broken by the fix above (gunner pos) and now fixed again :)


Fixed: AI entities were receiving damage from opening their parachute (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T86346)





Fixed: AI could not properly hit a target with the RPG-42

Applied also to the good ol' RPG7. Caused by the ammo's low thrustTime. The algorithm has been improved so the AI is now able to find a firing solution even with that.


Fixed: AI would attempt to squat during a freefall

Related to the damage fix above.





Tweaked: Speed of AI driving

Tweaked: Disabled soft formation for car formation driving



Fixed: AI in a vehicle loaded into an empty vehicle will not process their unload command

Tweaked: Optimized visibility check (AI agents will not do raycast tests to another friendly AI agent)





Tweaked: AI is now less prone to go prone in buildings (https://forums.bistu...80#entry3023511)

This should also help reduce the amount of situations when the AI clips through the wall and can see or even fire through it.





Tweaked: Searching for a landing position by AI pilots was optimized

Sometimes there were large FPS drops when the AI was looking for where to land. Should no longer happen.

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Tweaked: Steering, convoy and formation behavior were improved for AI driving

Tweaked: Improvements to AI convoy behavior (WIP)


Continuous improvements to convoy behaviors. Please leave your feedback here:



Tweaked: Precision of the static turrets controlled by the AI now depends on AI skill 


Small change to how accurate turret gunners can be. Applies to all turrets and is dependent on AimingAccuracy subskill.


Fixed: The setUnitPos command would not work for fleeing AI 


Both SetUnitPos and stance commands should now work for fleeing AI, and in few other cases (different combat modes, cover). As requested somewhere in https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/150499-ai-discussion-dev-branch/

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Fixed: The fire command so that weapon selection stays until the firing is done

Added: Vehicle and Brain components can now be inherited from a parent class without redeclaration


Fixed: AI gunners would refuse to occupy the gunner seat of Kuma in some cases


Fixed: AI characters would refuse to to disembark from helicopters / VTOLs with an AI pilot present


Tweaked: Performance drops when using the “LAND†waypoint in an obstructed area

The algorithm for searching for a suitable landing spot has been optimized and should no longer cause noticeable perf. issues.



Fixed: Dynamic aiming error would not behave properly for AI reloading weapons

After the AI finishes the weapon reload it's aim will now deteriorate more than previously and it will take longer to stabilize the aim back on target.

Tweaked: Using disableAI "MOVE" now stops vehicles driven by AI

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Tweaked: The enableAI and disableAI commands now support a new "ALL" parameter

Useful for ambient compositions and saving performance.

wiki - disableAI



Tweaked: Using setSpeedMode "FULL" now works also on unarmed AIs




Tweaked: AI should now be able to drive faster in convoys

Tweaked: AI formation following of vehicles was improved (non-convoy behavior)

Added: A new setConvoySeparation script command

AI characters with their simulation disabled would still keep their collision geometries

So it should be now more useful for perf. optimizations within scenarios.



Tweaked: AI convoy driving precision was improved

Tweaked: AI convoy behavior in Combat mode was improved

AI driving feedback topic



Fixed: Helicopter gunners would ignore the disableAI "AUTOTARGET" command

This relates only to weapons that the AI uses autonomously.

Tweaked: AI car driving should be slightly more precise

AI driving feedback topic



Tweaked: AI underwater detection

Improved underwater detection and detection across the water surface.

Detection should be now correctly limited according to the angle between observer on the ground and the water surface (i.e. if the angle is too shallow AI won't see the diver, however directly under its feet (hypothetically) the AI can eventually see as far as 20m deep)

One more tweak incoming. Testing and feedback is welcome! :)

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Long time no see...here's a recap of changes in the last 3 months :)

Fixed: Using the setUnitPos command on CARELESS soldiers would not behave correctly

The AI would ADS instead of staying cool with weapon lowered.

Tweaked: The AI behavior connected to the IsAway test was optimized



Tweaked: AI detection of submerged objects was improved

Now limited to 40m when both are under water and to 20m when looking across the water surface (The 20m dist. applies only when looking straight down into water. It gets smaller when looking under an angle.).
Raytracing points have been adjusted (previously the check was sometimes done with a point above the actual model).

Fixed: Using disableAI "PATH" and "MOVE" would not work correctly for vehicles driven by players (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T120346)



Added: The AIDriving diagnostics has been added to the Arma 3 Diagnostics Exe
Fixed: Engines of AI-controlled vehicles in multiplayer were not audible (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T120341)



Tweaked: AI formation leaders of tracked vehicles are now slowing down to wait for their squad mates more frequently



Tweaked: AI convoy driving on roads was improved (related to offset)
Tweaked: Collision avoidance for AI driving vehicles was improved



Added: A new P3D parameter that will disable a model for cover search by the AI ("aicovers=0")

Related to https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/193922-chain-link-fences-are-not-cover/. Not yet configured for vanilla structures.

Fixed: AI would continue firing even after their target was eliminated in some cases (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T71576)

#AIFireModes - Some fire modes for the AI are configured with long bursts. Sometimes the AI would kill a target and switch to a new target while still firing that one burst. Spraying anything on the way to next target. Now the AI is able to interrupt a burst before switchin to a new target. At the same time the system automatically recognizes if the burst is interruptible. So AI won't be able to interrupt bursts that player can't interrup either.

Tweaked: Vehicle turrets controlled by AI would watch North too intensively (https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/191515-ai-driving-feedback-topic/page-3#entry3042271)

Now the AI tries to keep the turret aligned with vehicle's direction if it has no targets.

Fixed: Using the "Destroy" waypoint type could cause AI units to flee instead of engaging targets


Tweaked: AI driver precision of following the leader vehicle
Fixed: AI drivers in groups would have trouble crossing bridges on Tanoa
Tweaked: AI drivers - commanded speeds "slow" and "normal" to be slower



Fixed: AI vehicle gunners would refuse to engage enemies in multiplayer in some cases

Was happening on client-owned vehicles where the AI is allowed to fire autonomously. Now they're trigger happy again.

Fixed: AI vehicle gunners would continue shooting at a target even when it hid behind an obstacle

Sometimes the AI kept firing at a target behind solid cover (without intention to penetrate cover or suppress).

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2 hours ago, bis_iceman said:

EXE rev. 139584 (game) 

  • Tweaked: AI drivers of tracked vehicles should now drive more reliably in specific cases (less zig-zagging in high speeds, low-speed turning around) 
2 hours ago, bis_iceman said:

EXE rev. 139640 (game) 

  • Fixed: Vehicles would start braking too late and could miss their waypoints 

#AIDriving #BlameKlamacz :)

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On 15. 12. 2016 at 5:36 PM, bis_iceman said:

EXE rev. 139709 (game) 

  • Fixed: AI would ignore orders when the player was giving them from within a vehicle 

For example while the player (as the effective commander) was sitting on a cargo position.

On 16. 12. 2016 at 7:33 PM, bis_iceman said:

EXE rev. 139743 (game)

  • Tweaked: AI following a path should now be more precise 



On 16. 12. 2016 at 7:33 PM, bis_iceman said:

Affects the AI in similar fashion to players (for example making it more difficult for the AI to identify targets). As for Radar - AI will switch the Radar ON in Combat mode.



On 2. 1. 2017 at 8:45 PM, bis_iceman said:

EXE rev. 139846 (game)

  • Fixed: Airplanes controlled by AI had trouble taking off from most airfields on Altis 

Just a short-lived bug that grounded almost all airplanes. Does not fix (yet) the landing and taxiing issues of Buzzard airplane or issues on some Altis airfields.


On 2. 1. 2017 at 8:45 PM, bis_iceman said:
  • Tweaked: The SetDriveOnPath command now removes duplicate points (improves finishing the path for AI drivers) 



On 2. 1. 2017 at 8:45 PM, bis_iceman said:
  • Tweaked: Divers should now properly change weapon ammo when leaving water 

Previously they were engaging targets on the surface with dual-purpose ammo.

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On 5. 1. 2017 at 4:31 PM, bis_iceman said:

EXE rev. 139882 (game) 

  • Tweaked: The total amount of groups was increased by a factor of 2



On 6. 1. 2017 at 2:43 PM, R3vo said:


Since Arma 3 v1.67 is it possible to create 288 groups per side instead of 144 as before.


That's awesome!


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On 17. 1. 2017 at 3:49 PM, bis_iceman said:

EXE rev. 139996 (game)

  • Tweaked: Enemy detection by plain sight is now limited by the object view distance 

Given optics with a high magnification (e.g. in tank combat) the AI was sometimes able to detect the player at a distance where player was not yet able to see the AI.

On 27. 1. 2017 at 6:40 PM, bis_iceman said:

EXE rev. 140151 (game)

  • Tweaked: The speed of vehicles commanded to move should now be smoother 

So you can have a smooth control over the vehicle not just when driving but also when commanding.


On 6. 2. 2017 at 4:09 PM, bis_iceman said:

EXE rev. 140241 (game) 

  • Fixed: Fleeing of vehicles unable to hit their targets was incorrect
On 7. 2. 2017 at 4:52 PM, bis_iceman said:

EXE rev. 140280 (game) 

  • Fixed: AI infantry would flee when unable to engage 

Fleeing makes the AI basically combat ineffective so it's better to keep it more as a last resort action.

On 13. 2. 2017 at 8:32 PM, bis_iceman said:

EXE rev. 140375 (game) 

  • Fixed: Mortars controlled by the AI could not shoot more than one round at a time

One step at a time, one punch at a time, one round at a time, innit.

On 16. 2. 2017 at 1:22 PM, bis_iceman said:

EXE rev. 140442 (game)

  • Tweaked: Jets can now perform sharper turns  

For better dogfights, more fun and challenge.

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