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Game minimizes on startup

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Hi , today i put in my new SSD, reinstalled a fresh windows, and installed arma 3 beta on it , i have direct X and the latest video drivers installed.

When i start it up , it opens with a black screen and then suddenly minimizes .

When i click on the icon , it opens , minimizes , opens , then minimizes again . { only thing i can see is '' arma 3 presented by bohemia interactive'' screen for a split second for the 2 times the screen becomes visible.}

Everytime i click it this happens.

Alredy tried '' nobenchmark'' and compatibility modes.

My specs

GTX 760


128GB SS


Windows 7 64-bit

If anyone can help me that would be appreiciated.

Machiel Sterenborg

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i had that too before with my OCZ Revodrive 3,

just try to reinstall the game mate

run it as admin

use alt+tab

and alt+enter

or window mode.

it isn't the game causing the problem it has something to do with the windows i recon.

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