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Enemy carrier getting stuck, and one reproducable crash

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Last night I started a new strategy game with both sides having minimum islands, enemy strength max and minimum tech. Normally the enemy carrier will capture islands two or three times faster than me, but this time he started out with only Fulcrum and went on to capture Duessa. I went ahead and captured 10 more neutral islands and he did nothing more. I sailed to Duessa and he was there and immediately turned and started moving towards me. I only had a plasma cannon, and no weapons for units, but he had one plasma, 4 quad guns and a full set of mantas with lasers and destroyed my carrier.

I also found that if you happen to be looking at the repair screen when your carrier gets destroyed, this will crash the game. I tried this several times to make sure, and it appears to be reproducable.

This was with the latest beta 1.6.0011

Edit: I went back to the save game where I went to Duessa. I got him to break off his attack on me and he then started taking islands again.

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