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The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

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New here! Looking to enhance my knowledge on scripting and editing. I'm sure I'll see you around!

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Hi Guys, My Name is Ahmed and im Algerian + a OLD Veteran Player in OFP Since 2001 and 2007


im Really new at the Forums But I still Know How to Use it



I learned modding In January 17th on my birthday and i had an Idea To make mod but Im really Lost in my life and i Dont have Friend's Sadly since my grandfather Died


i usually listen to music at my work or in my free time


im a male and my pronouns is he/him


and i speak english + arabic + French (still learning russian and ukrainian tho)



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Hello, I just bought Arma3 yesterday and went through Bootcamp.


Today I started playing the first campaign setting. Every other word was F this or GD this or JC that.

I can live with the swearing because I'm 61 and have been around the block a time or two... However, I can't tolerate the unnecessary use of God and Jesus' name being abused.

I've been googling and seeing several Steam Threads going back about 13 years and still no official answer there from game creators about a mod or some sort of filter to get rid of foul language. I typically only play campaigns because I have no patience for teeny bopper hotrodders that think they can teach me a thing or two about life, so let the ignorant swear away in multiplayer chat. However, the Ai of campaigns can't get a sentence out without using Jesus or God in some sort of offensive way.


If people want to hear swearing fine, but why should I be inflicted with something I don't want to hear? My money which bought Arma 3 Is just as good as anyone else's. I see several DLC's that I would like to purchase but I'm just going to uninstall if I can't filter profanity. (I"m assuming if there is a way to filter you have to filter all profanity.) I'm not a programmer or modder so I would have no idea how to script anything nor do I know if it's possible. If the BI is sensitive enough to its consumers to disable blood, why can't it come up with a filter for offensive language? Choices are good, In fact, isn't that what soldiers sacrifice their lives willingly for every day? To protect the freedoms of all?


And please to all those mind-numbing people that say "You can handle a little murder and blood but not swearing, all soldiers swear. First of all, war is not murder. Second of all, I know tons of Christian soldiers who never swore. I don't want to take away the rights of those who can't speak without swearing, so why is my right to remove it taken away?


There are a lot of popular, games with great reviews that either have no offensive language or have a filter to remove it if you choose. The emphasis being on "if the consumer chooses." 


I just got rid of all my BF because they have removed all ways of filtering offensive language. I was hoping the Arma series would be different! Seriously you dev's are more worried about losing a few teenagers that aren't the ones paying for your games than you are offending adults who don't like foul language who are paying for the games?


Hopefully, I'll get an answer from a MOD on ways to filter because I really like the gameplay of A3, as it is superior without question. I love the idea of DLC's. COD could learn from DLC's! I mean add reasonably priced or free anniversary DLC's instead of charging $70 after taxes for a new game in the same line-up like Modern Warfare and Blackops.


Before you release A4 I would reconsider the people you've ignored for over 10 years asking for language filters, if you aren't including it in 4 either. I know I wouldn't spend money on something that annoys me. I'm down to a handful of games because they're the only ones who've included filters or only have a small amount of the type of language that I hate the most that I mentioned earlier. I would strongly think about the fact that Christians are not the only ones who dislike that kind of language and that kind of language does not make a man, nor does it make a battle scene more realistic. I'd venture to guess that 99-100 % of the trogs who say you can't have authentic war scenes without swearing then they go off onto a swearing tantrum... are probably not even old enough to go to war and have no clue.

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Welcome to BI forums!

I have to say reading your first post here i must agree with everything you have said, the use of foul language is a bit to much, and there should be a profanity filter.

   Just a note this thread isn't meant for discussions so i will keep this short, if you want to continue this conversation then best start

a new thread here https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/108-arma-3-general/.


One, there is a mod that may or may not help with this you can try, and also maybe even ask the author if there is a way to either

filter the profanity, or if the mod has any to begin with, see the mod here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1868302880


Two, Your best bet to get the devs attention is to report your ideas for features for the game on the Arma3 feedback tracker seen here:

 Arma 3 feedback tracker https://feedback.bistudio.com/tag/arma_3/

This is the Feedback Tracker - Arma 3 "How To" Guide https://feedback.bistudio.com/w/ft_a3_howto/

    I hope that helps, and again welcome to the Arma community and the best game hands down! Cheers!

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Hello. I just joined you. I am a housewife who owns a small workshop. I make something out of wood. I'm old, but I like to follow games. I just discovered this place.

I am glad to be among you. 🙂 

I like to post some reviews and pictures related to my interests. (off-topic).


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