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St. Jimmy

Request for a better command menu that opens up 1234... keys to use

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Have you ever wanted to bind those number keys that are now reserved for commanding and ordering just like in many other FPS? Are bored for the old 2001 way to go through numbers and see where's the Target category? Well here's solution for it and let's really hope that BIS address this before the final game because then it'd be maybe too late to change all the helps that are given in the missions where you need to call for example artillery strike. Let's just replace 1234567890 buttons with only ONE key (lets name that the Command_key) that pops up an GUI where you can navigate with your number keys just like before and that way we can release all the numbers for better use. Selecting guns and explosives just like in any other FPS game. This would make the game more accessible for newcomers and even old veterans can enjoy this because we can remove guns from the famous and annoying scroll menu so we don't get killed while trying to open a door.

Now you have to select blindly from the categories that are hard to remember if you're not commanding AI much so you probably hit the wrong number. Why don't we just bring all the main categories visible with one key press? Then you can easily see in the GUI:

1. Move

2. Target

3. Engage

4. Mount

5. Status

6. Action

7. Combat Mode

8. Formation

9. Assing

0. Reply

And a picture about it

In my opinion those main categories are enough to describe quickly what are under those numbers. After that you can navigate through them in the old way with your number keys. Here's an example just what is under 7. Combat Mode:

1. Stealth

2. Combat

3. Aware

4. Relax

6. Stand Up

7. Stay Crouched

8. Go Prone

9. Copy My Stance

And a picture about it

So it's a small change that everyone can adapt and it only sacrifice 1 key to release 10. BIS just need to lock those number keys to do anything else than commanding when you've pressed the Command_key and of course release them when the GUI isn't open anymore. I'm not suggesting to remove this handy menu when you only push F keys. In my opinion the system what we have now is just lazy.

Some of you might be familiar with this from games like Counter Strike and Wolfenstein where quick chat GUI opens up with just one button and this is where I got the inspiration about this suggestion. Only bad thing that I'm not a modder so I can't make a mod out of this.

So what do you think? Should we finally move on and get rid of that old OFP style that only eats huge amount of keys?

Here's the ticket about it.

Here's a video example how the quick chat system goes in Wolfenstein in

. That GUI pops up from V key in that game and then you can navigate there with numbers and after that you can change your weapons from number keys again. Of course I'm not suggesting quick chatting because we got VoN and different channels for chatting already, but to implement this system in Arma commanding. We got VoN and different channels for chatting already. Edited by St. Jimmy

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Sorry bud, we tried.

:( It's a shame that BIS doesn't want to work with these kind of things because these kind of changes would make the game controls more accessible and are removing the annoyance of scroll menus.

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There used to be a visual "main" menu for the top categories in ArmaI/OFP. I never understood why they removed it.

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I would much rather the dam ill thought out space bar function was removed in its entirety, so when you select any unit/s by default defers to the old system rather than the dam annoying quick order context driven farce, which would save pressing backspace all the time.

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