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[Anti-Hack] Trying to beat Cheat Engine. Can we scan client files?

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I'm sorry, I have to cancel my decision and post once more: When you ban a player from the game, you ban his game ID, not his player profile. The player UID is not related to player profiles in any way, you can't avoid an issued ban by creating new player profile. Only way to avoid server ban is to buy new key with full price.

I'd suggest that you learn the basics of Arma and Arma server administration before doing any advanced and hacky stuff; there are a lot of informative threads here in Servers & Administration and Multiplayer sections of this forum. Hope you get it sorted mate.

Once again, as stated previously, "I am unaware of the abilities of sqf (I've only taken my first look 2 days ago)"...there's a reason I am on the forums looking for help, not overly-subjective broken English criticism on unrelated topics. Please stop replying to this thread...

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