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Co-oP Missions by Viktor Reznov

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I will have my revenge!

Important Notes

In theory these missions are completable in single player but they were not designed or tested with that in mind. For optimal performance these missions should be ran on a dedicated server.

These missions are not my first attempts at mission making and I hope they are of sufficient quality to challenge and entertain any potential players.

I would appreciate any and all feedback as it allows me as a mission maker to get better.

The fog may bring some systems to their knees.

Because of the coop nature of these missions they are designed with no-revive game-play in mind; group respawn is available in case group lacks of human players.

Mission Background


A US Army SF Squad will spearhead an attack on a Russian airbase in preparation of an attack on the Russian mainland.


A Russian SF team will raid a suspected terrorist training camp and search for any intel.


Two British SF teams will raid a US training facility and eliminate three US war criminals.




Namalsk Island

Binkowski's Marines

Lingor Units

TF86 Seals


Podagorsk Island

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - RHSMOD


Podagorsk Island

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - RHSMOD

Recommended AI mods to play with


Known Issues

There may be the odd script error, will be ironed out in future releases. (No gameplay affected)

Scripts Used/ Credits

Fog script v1.62 Made by Rockhount[bAfH]

GL4 by SNKMAN *script version* - http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?92269-Group-Link-4-Special-FX-Edition

Breath Script - Condensation to Units By Falcon (Original by tpw)

FHQTT- FHQ - http://friedenhq.org/

Special thanks to Phantom, FHQ'bros, CiA chaps, Outlawz, Kaylania(dont ask), and probably lots of others who I have forgotten to mention. My apologies. :( Depbo and all is there to see :)

---As with most things in life, it is better with people of the same persuasion. CiAhome.net

Download Links


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Thanks for the missions Viktor! All are hosted on the CiA server.

Having played Viktor's missions I must recommend them. Suspenseful, require cooperation between multiple teams and highly entertaining.

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Awesome missions, thx Viktor ! :yay:

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Update on Missed Training

When making this mission I made a critical mistake. This mission is intended to be played quite stealthily. Unfortunately I have over 100 enemy units in this mission. When making the mission I for some reason or another didnt think of the majority of the units as "active". They arent what I intended for the player and team to actually face.

Reality is a bitch.

Thanks to feedback from CiA

-lowering the fog a bit.

-Give NVG's to Night Operator

-Remove backpacks... * I now realise the chances of the player finding my little secrets is quite slim*

-Script Error concerning weapons should be fixed.

-Reduced number of AI Drastically

-Add TPWHouseLights Script - http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?151320-tpw_houselights-automatic-house-lighting-for-Arma2-and-Arma3

A mistake I made.

-Reduce hearing range of AI

When using gl4 one can set the range that units can request reinforcements from. 100m to be specific.

This is done so they can realistically get support and for the scenario to appear more lifelike.

But I forgot one main thing... The ai are not deaf....

(they werent being reinforced they were investigating the gunfire) :D

Whilst realistic, because of the small area, it caused some of the ai to converge on the player. Now that alone isnt the problem. The problem is the converging units will get in range of the units under fire from the player and they will daisy chain requests for reinforcements back to the "beehive" this causing all hell.

As you all know the sound of gunfire travels quite far, and as you can see, the player isnt exactly in a good position. screenshot_36.jpg

It really ended up with an unpleasant situation and not the good unpleasant situation that I wanted.

This update is up and changes Missed Training from V1.1 to V1.2

Also note a slight change to my naming format from now on.

coNumberofplayers_titleVversionnumber e.g. co08_missed_trainingv12

This is so one can easily tell what version of the mission they have.


Other version is for CiA use.


Thanks Luki! They aren't the best missions out there but I'm working on getting to that stage. Your feedback is appreciated.

Edited by Masharra

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Hi and thanks for these I will check them out.

I have a mission question for you though.. I see you are using GL4 with the AI.. how do you find it runs with the most recent patches/updates for OA? My experience with it in the past has been OK but I've been led to believe that it has issues with more recent updates and can cause problems. As such I'm almost always using DAC and UPSMON but kinda miss the features that GL4 brings.


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The terrorists are demanding the end of deportation proceedings against a senior citizen named Peja Sicic. It turns out that Mr. Sicic was a high-ranking official in the Yugoslavian Ustache regime during World War II, working for the bad guys. That piece of hus past just caught up with him. However, members of a neo-fascist organization called the People's Social Nationalist Party(PSNP) don't see anything wrong in what he did back in the forties. They've siezed the refinery in response to the deportation hearings, and if Sicic isn't released within twenty-four hours they threaten to blow the entire facility sky-high. All information we have on the terrorists indicates that they're neither well-organized nor well-armed. Intel's analysis is that their bombs are most likely home-made, which means that there's a chance that they could go off at any moment and take the surrounding landscape with them.




Afrenian Army aka isla Duala

Lingor units



I really rec. using AI mod list in original post in this mission. They will make a bitch out of you.

One of my earliest unreleased missions brought up to "standard" I may continue the camp depending on time and such.

@savagecdn http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?92269-Group-Link-4-Special-FX-Edition/page215

Edited by Masharra

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A Russian fire team assaults a terrorist strong-point. V1



RHS Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.



I already include gl4 in my missions therefore I am wondering if I should include a script version of tpwcas to cut down ever so slightly on needed addons. Any opinions?

Edited by Masharra

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And I don't even have to upload it myself! :D

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co08_shockwave V1.3


removed gl4, fog,lights, changed grenades to _east, full moon

------- Working on fixing fog it works too well------

co12_until_we_bleed v1.0

Elements of the Russian Armoured Forces make an offensive push against joint US and Czech held zones.





Edited by Masharra
If you cant tell I love RHS and mcn maps.

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Disgruntled about their lack of support a USMC platoon has gone rogue with nuclear launch codes. A joint USN Seals, British, Nightstalker squad has been ordered to retrieve them.

-Updated standards

-updated briefing

-Tweaked AI numbers

FINAL UPDATE unless show-stoppers


Binkowski Marines


Namalsk Units

TF86 Navy SEALs Pack



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