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Having problems after updating to beta server? (Read this)

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For those who are updating from ALPHA to BETA

All your missions will be broken and the server probably wont start with error messages like

arma3server.exe "Addon 'A3_Boat_F_Beta_Boat_armed_01' requires addon 'A3_Boat_F_Armed_01' "

A few Classnames have been changed

To fix this you need to

1) Remove all of the missions and place them in a backup folder

for each mission, you need to un-pbo them and

1) open up the mission.sqm

2) Remove the lines in your addons and addonsauto entries that the error messages refer to

3) Mass rename all classnames listed in This changelog Post by DNA

in all files and scripts from the unpacked mission (Some classname changes are not listed there, for example the helo's have been renamed

then load the mission in the editor, save it and re pbo

In addition, your server used to run



The beta uses



Just copy the contents of the older files into the new ones that will be created when you first launch the beta server (Or rename them accordingly)

Any other server setup queries are likely to be answered HERE

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Hi mate had the same error but mine was caused by having an old steam install of arma 3 on my server in addition to my 3 other steamcmd installed dedicated installs. I fixed this by logging into steam on the server and updating the steam install of arma 3 alpha to beta. Then all the steamcmd installed dedi's worked with out the error you mentioned.

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