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[SP] The Early Bird - A Sniper Mission

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The Early Bird - A Sniper Mission



An Iranian weapon trader and informant needed to make a stop on Stratis. You and your partner are assigned to get on the island, find a overviewing spot and take out your target before he leaves the island. Try to be hidden until you assisinate your target and move fast to extraction after your shot. Be sure to wait for the perfect moment.


  • Sniper + Spotter gameplay (at least he is with you) :p
  • semi-random patrols
  • identifying your target in a heavily armed town
  • time is against you
  • Briefing (Map -> Briefing)


  • Inseration via boat needs you to swim a few metres to the beach
  • Briefing not showing at the beginning (why?)
  • OPFORs not sitting around fire as they should
  • Add a MP version (maybe it works even now)
  • (you will definitely find more that I'm not aware of yet)


This is my first published mission and I hope you all enjoy it. I'm not sure how the difficulty is but be sure to read the briefing before starting. There is a time limit about 15 minutes to get into position and heavily patrolled areas are marked and/or mentioned in the briefing. Feedback is very appreciated!


Direct Link (my server)

Armaholic mirror:

- The Early Bird [bETA]

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Added Armaholic Mirror (thanks Big!)

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