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Made this maze because I always wanted one. It's also a MP mission for up to 5 players. There is also some AI units in the maze to keep you company while you make it to the exit. There is no scripting involved and pretty much left it open for anyone to modify and make it a lot cooler. If you want the 3D file or the maze template let me know. I figure I had to name the maze so I named it Bungle (As in Mr. Bungle). I hope you all enjoy trying to make it out of this hell hole.

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Interesting idea, and a very well designed maze if I might add, only flaw in my opinion is that chernarus grass really slows it down (it hides enemies really well), considering maze is already gonna make you lose a lot of time, it can be a slight annoyance to lose a lot of time on enemies (if you plan on making it out without dying), since you really have to take your time to check every single corner, cuz those prone enemies will f you up if you are not carefull.

Maybe copy paste the maze on desert map and have two versions, one slow-paced tactical maze, and the other one in the desert would be more focused on solving the maze, with run 'n gun arcady feel.

Here is the video of what i mean

-- first part of the video is without grass, and things go really smooth, second part on the grass really slows down progress.

PS. I've played your mission on arma 3, because i like it's CQB better.

EDIT: Also, you could maybe make a few random spawns (but not close to the exit) so it could be played as a race to the exit against other players aswell. Then the players could decide on some ground rules, like if it was allowed to shoot other player to make him go back to start (and ultimatively bringing you closer to the first place).

But it's your mission, im just giving suggestions :)

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