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Server doesn't show up in browser

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I'm currently hosting a dedicated CTI Server (TeeTimes Warfare).

My Problem:

When I'm filtering for CTI only 3 server are shown. Blue1 and 2 other server with older/dev versions.

The weird thing is, today, the Blue1 server was offline and every CTI server was shown. I didn't change anything in the filter options and 3 other player who play on my server regulary experienced the same.

As soon as the Blue1 Server was online again I'm only able to see the 3 servers mentioned above.

reportingIp = "arma3pc.master.gamespy.com";

All ports are opened:

server port

server port +1

server port +3


steamquery port

I already PM'd Blue1 but he has no idea what is causing this either.

If anyone from Tigres or KKZ is reading this, can you please tell me if you are experiencing the same problems?

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