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Patrol Ops 2 Rearmed.

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Hi all!

With kind permission of CptDavo, I have ported Patrol Ops 2 by Roy86 into ToH:Rearmed. For those not familiar with this excellent mission, here's a few snippets from the original post:

Inspired by Takistan Force, Patrol Ops is a 32 Player dynamic, random mission series that is great for both Mass Public Play and Clan Tactical Gaming.

Missions are randomly dynamic, with enemy force strength scaled to match the number of players connected so as to challenge players appropriately.

Player Class types denote access to specific gear and vehicles to strengthen the realism.

A focus on co-operative team based gameplay is the principle of Patrol Ops.

Original Credits:

Special Thanks:

- BIS for Arma Series

- BON_Inf for alot of Code, Support and Inspiration from Taksitan Force

- XENO for Code and Inspiration from Domination 2

- Kochleffel for Vehicle And Squad Team Hud

- Code34 for Advanced Hint System and adaption of Vehicle/squad Hud

- [OCB]Kev for his knowledge and code examples

- Shuko for Task System and Position

- R3F for Respawn GUI and Logistics Code

- Ei8ght and Mike-USA for Sampled Base Layouts

- ArmA 2 Community for support and solutions

For more detailed information on this mission, I suggest checking the original thread here.

Changes to this version.

I have replaced the ArmA2 helicopters at base with ToH equivalents. there are 5 transports and 2 attack helos.

I've included Osmos' excellent Helicopter service script.


You need ArmA 2 Combined Ops with the Rearmed mod active.

Thanks to:

Roy86, for the original Patrol ops 2.

Kju, without Rearmed I couldn't of ported this great mission.

Osmo, for his excellent Helicopter service script.

Mission download via Dropbox here.

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Glad that people still make missions for TOH. Sadly I haven't got Arma so whatever. I can not play it.

Nevertheless, I suppose that this would be a very good mission...

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I didn't make this mission, I only edited an existing one. I have no ability at making missions, otherwise I would be knocking them out every week for vanilla ToH. :)

Alas, the best I can do is edit a pre-existing mission and release it.

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The mission works but the choppers are unarmed and I have no idea where to fly to start the mission... Do the side missions start after a timer? what do u do when u start the mission? Armed choppers would have been nice... Maybe check out the Combat Resuce mission an copy the coppers from that mission?

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