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23rd Air Assault Group - AssaultGroup.com

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Welcome to the official recruitment thread of - The Assault Group

23rd Air Assault


Who we are

We are the 23rd Air Assault, Formally known as SRU (Strategic Response Unit), We mostly focus on being an Infantry unit despite being an Air Assault unit, However when ever the situation permits us too we will use air assets at our disposal. We are primarily a military realism unit without the Sirs and Ma'am however there is a chain of command. We play using military style tactics, procedures and have a military like structure to provide what we see as a fun yet realistic environment to play ARMA in. Training is a small part in our unit we do these every 2 weeks for regular members and once a week for new recruit training; These will cover the basics of who we are how we operate and how to operate with us, using radio systems, movements, fire orders and tactics.

Our main goal is to host several MSO (ALIVE) Operations every year that run constantly till the objective is complete. These operations can last anywhere between 2-4 months and may involve multiple units all working together to complete the tasks at hand.

We also offer events and tournaments to win a number of games, however this is put on hold until we build up a player base which makes it worth while to us.

What we want!

We want to provide the best experience for ourselves and for you as possible, That is why we have place a few simple common recruitment requirements to our unit:

- You are 16+

- Willing to work in a team.

- Have a working microphone and Teamspeak 3

- Willing to use MODS for A3.

- Can attend operations and training sessions twice a month.

In the past we have had people come on drunk and intoxicated, So please if your a horrible drunk keep off Teamspeak..

What we offer you!

As a realism unit you can expect to find what you expect to find, A professional gaming environment that allows you to be apart of a team and complete objectives/missions. However we also offer as part of a unit:

- Full dedicated servers that we can host between 1-20 servers on at one time

- Full 512 Dedicated Teamspeak

- No donations required

- Monthly operations and training

- Website and forums

- Enjoyable people to any games with

- Chances to win prizes.

- Full time ALIVE operations!


Sounds interesting? Join our teamspeak to find out more information or head straight to our forums


Teamspeak :

Some old gaming footage - Hoping to get some A3 footage soon!

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23rd Air Assault


Its been a few months since we last updated this recruitment post.

I have completely updated our thread. And would like to announce that our full transition to A3 is now complete.

We are now hosting and operating dedicated servers in Insurgency, Domination and BeCTI warfare, These are all open to the public however we will be using the new Taskforce Radio Mod for communications. We have completely re-done the website also to give it a much more solid look.

We are now preparing for the arrival of ALIVE, With training and gaming nights with our unit, These will be on public servers so feel free to join.

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23rd Air Assault


Due to being allowed early access to ALIVE all our servers are down to allow full power to the gamemode..

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