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New Coop Mission "Co-14 Annihilation"

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I just wanted to let my friends in this editing section know that I just released a new 14 Player Coop Combined Operations Mission called "Annihilation" at Armaholic, it is waiting to be authorized and processed. It's a domination mission, but I designed it from scratch and I did not use an existing domination mission or template, nor did I use any scripts from an existing domination mission. The mission comes packed with a lot of cool features, most of which are my own inventive scripts. The only required addon is the island Faysh Khabur 1.2

I tested the mission with various addons, like ACE, and found out that it does cause errors and other problems, so it is probably best to play the mission using only the addon island.

You can go to my Annihilation Mission Page and download the mission and read a full description of all of the additional features incorporated in the mission.

I gave credit to all those that helped me with the making of the mission as well as for helping me create various scripts that are used in the mission. I also gave credit to the authors of any scripts that I used in the mission. Mostly, I wanted to thank everybody in these forums for all of their help when I asked for it. I designed levels/maps/missions for a bunch of different games and I have never visited an editing forum that was more helpful and friendly than this forum. The forum moderators here run a good clean ship and I thank them too.

I have a few other old missions that I've never released that I am going to try to get released soon, for instance, a coop Jet Fighting mission and a coop Attack Chopper mission, both of which are awesome missions. I just want to test them further and make sure they are completely bug free. I have no plans to make more Arma 2 missions in the near future since I will be going back to my roots and working on my Unreal Editor skills so I will be ready to make maps for the game "Takedown" when it finally releases. I might make some Arma 3 missions in the future, but I would rather wait until Arma 3 has been further developed or fully released.

Anyway, I hope the mission turns out to be some what of a success. I put a lot of work into it and tested it to death to make sure everything is working perfectly and bug free. Have fun! :)

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