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mr. bravo

Swedish Army Mod 3 (SAM)

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5 hours ago, G. Joel said:

Thought i whould drop som feedback/ideas.


1. AG90?

2. Snow camo (Uniforms)

3. Ra 180 with TFAR/ACRE support?

4. Pskott 86. (in the works?)

5. Protector (RWS) for the TGB16?

6. A version of the IR/ Thermal sight as a sight. "picture"

7. Change the scope sight on the Hensholt 10x scope 90b to the actual Hensholt(similar to the LRPS in arma 3) with static 10x.

8. Pistol 88 (in the works?)

9. Static weapons, ksp88(in the works?), ganatspruta 40mm, GRk m/41(m/94 strix)?



1. Not worked on atm.

2. Might do some fictional reskin at some point, but not worked on atm as priority is all put on our own content.

3. Is planned for more backpacks soon.

4. Half-done, but put on ice until some other things are done first.

5. Is almost half-done, will be added to RG32 when base-model is more completed.

6. Was half-done at some point, but original author is gone now so it has to be remade. Not sure when, but is on our todo-list along with Mono12 nightvision.

7. Will be fixed for next release.

8. Is ingame and contributed by PuFu, but we currently don't have permission to release it through Workshop, so we'll see how that is solved.

9. KSP88 (M2) is partly finished and is being implemented for RG32 atm, hoping to have it done for next release. GRK M/41 is half-done but will likely not make it for next release. GRSP 40mm is planned but not worked on yet, same for static weapons/variants in general.


Our focus for the next release is fixes, updated content, optimizations, popular requests, and adding a lot of new content that for whatever reason has been half-finished for a long time. So you might wonder why some minor stuff gets added while more cool stuff are put on ice, and that is simply because we're cleaning out our library of wip-content, starting off with the quick stuff. RG32 is also obviously a big focus right now, but will still be in a "beta"-stage with some stuff missing and no proper pilot-lods. We have big plans for this baby, so there's a lot of pieces that needs to fit together. 


As for deadline, we don't do that anymore. It's done when it's done, which is impossible for us to estimate due to variating amounts of sparetime, motivation, the occasional large patches from BIS that often require more changes and testing of our content to work properly, and of course ensuring compatibility with a number of other popular mods. But we're getting there!


We've promised to share more progress again soon though, and should start with that later this week. It's mainly done on our Facebook-page nowadays, as our own site and server is down due to some technical issues and low activity.

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Oh... found this thread.

Small,but good mod.Wish you keep quality at the same level.

Actually I wanna suggest... a unification patch for RHS.Make ammo,weights,sounds,armor and armor penetration similar to RHS.Probably then I'll suggest to use this inside my PvP communities.Yet,only SP tests... and this makes me sad.

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Hello, it's me again. It hope we can see some sort of progress update soon, however small. In the meantime, I'm just popping by with some feedback and bug reports. Here it goes...


#1 The Ksp90 can't load the tracer box.


#2 As you probably already know, since the Apex update there is no reload sound for the Ak5.


#3 There are no preview images for the editor.


#4 I'd like to see that the Psg90 and Hensoldt scope are configured for ACE, so that we can use advanced ballistics.


#5 A bunch of items are missing from the Zeus inventory. I took a quick look and couldn't find any of the following:

Ksp90 and ammo boxes

Ak4 (any variation) & ammo

Remington & ammo

Psg90 & ammo

Pretty much any attachment (Aimpoint CS, Aimpoint CS 3X, Hensoldt, silencer etc.)


#6 Swedish unit groups can't be placed in Zeus. There's some weird behaviour; you can select them and see the icons, but nothing happens when you click on the terrain.


#7 Units could need some categories in both Zeus and the editor. Split them up into desert/woodland/homeguard or whatever. It's messy to have all in the same category.


#8 The mass of the GRG rounds could be revisited. I found that they are too light.  I've made a spreadsheet comparing SAM with other mods containing the MAAWS, as well as information taken from the internet (the GRG backpack would also have to be adjusted).




As always, thanks for a great mod!

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