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I need a light(ed) source. (not what you are thinking)

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I'm trying to create a light but without ambient light. I know #lightpoint only gives off ambient light and there isn't really any center of light. I have a scenario where there is a blur effect on players and I got some cool effects going on with lights but I need there to be a light source. I need the players to see an actual light not just a lit up area. Chem lights not really working either because the chem lights give off too much of a dull glow. Ive been brainstorming all day how to accomplish this and the only thing I managed that was semi close to what I am trying to achieve is

bomb = "F_20mm_White" createVehicle getPos A1;bomb = "F_20mm_White" createVehicle getPos H1;

The H1 would be a invisible Heli which would be attached to a dynamic object that would simulate movement. :crazy_o: Butttttttt The Flare burns out rather shortly. I need controlled lighting. If any of you guys know a better way or know a work around...I'm all ears.

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_pos = position player;
_light = "#lightpoint" createVehicle _pos;
_light setLightUseFlare true;
_light setLightDayLight true;
_light setLightFlareSize 2;
_light setLightBrightness 0.03;
_light setLightAmbient[0, 0, 0];
_light setLightColor[1, 1, 1];

Give that a shot.

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