just because i stumbled upon it again right now - here are 3 clips where you can hear primarily the track-terrain interaction.

0.08 is track noise primarily , at 0:13 it is very prominent (the "roaring" is from individual tracklinks splashing on the soft mud). A tank driving on a fortified road at high speed also sounds similar to that. 0:23 is obvious. 0:25 also obvious, though this is concrete and only medium speed. 0:28 is on concrete again with obstacles. Sounds abit like a steel track without rubberpads, but could also just be due to the obstacles.

Here is an example where you can hear pure steel tracks on concrete. At certain high speeds they can be just as loud as the engine (or even louder). As this clip demonstrates very well - you might think this is a tank with diesel engine from the sound. But it's all track noise, you hear nothing from the engine until it passes the camera. Only then do you hear the whining and hissing of the gas turbine (which in all fairness is more quiet than a diesel engine).
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