Ok Hello18 heres something ive been messing around with, thought you might like 🙂 randomMapPos script. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // [[basics],[Whitelist],[blacklist],[Elevation MIN, MAX], edge distance, Debug, limit] // // ["water", "land", "edge"] // Basics selections. "edge" is per Whitelist area. defaults to everywhere is a viable position // // ["MARKER NAME", OBJECT (trigger), ARRAY [[position3D], #radius] // White & Black lists. Supplying no Whitelists selects random position using whole map // // [MIN, MAX] - NUMBERS (optional) // Elevation range that position must be in. default -1000,1000 meters // // edge distance - NUMBER (optional) // Meters within edge of Whitelist areas to choose a position. default is 200m // // Debug - BOOL (optional) // Turns on debug markers and diag_log // // limit - NUMBER (optional) // Number of attempts to find a position. Default 100. Use 0 to disable limit. // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////   Does basic checks for land, water or an edge of an area. Can have multiple Whitelists and Blacklists. Does elevation checking. Can use with Markers, Triggers or [Pos, Radius]. Mix up any of these within the White and Black lists. Pictures Basic water check Basic land check with marker Depth checking with a marker Positions within a trigger with elevation checking Multiple Whitelist triggers with elevation checking Multiple White & Black lists with elevation checking These pictures are all from my test map with the script in debug mode. Get it HERE. Load it up in the editor and preview, its automated just to give you some ideas of what the script can do. Any feed back appreciated. Hope you enjoy. Larrow
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