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[COOP3-14] Bojovat v1.01

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Bojovat is a highly replayable rescue sandbox mission. Intended for coop play 3-14 players. You play as resistance (FIA) and you have to rescue your leader from a US dominated area in Everon. Simple objectives, but many tough decisions. We tested this mission a lot and hopefully it's mostly error free.

Needed addons:



There are 2 variations included:

- heavy, if all users have at least mid-range PCs (i3 or stronger)

- lite, if weaker PCs take part too

The only difference, that the heavy version takes place on a larger area so it's more random and it's probably longer to finish.

Have fun and please report bugs and suggestions.



Armaholic mirror:

- Bojovat Co-03-14 (@)

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