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Question re: Empty Backpack

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Good people I need help badly ...

My map is nearly done but, I am looking for a script.

I want to place a bunch of empty backpacks on the ground (the 12 empty slots or more)

so the players can take them and add cargo in it EX: another kind of weapon + ammo etc

(what ever they want to carry with them).

Is there a script already made for this??

If not, would you be so kind to show me (in details) how to make such script ?

All the very best to you all.


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The backpacks are individually listed in the editor drop downs. They are objects that can be editor placed. Hit key F1, then against side change it to empty, then on class 3rd one down are the backpacks.

You may find alot more specific Ironfront info here >>>IRONFRONT FANS FORUM<<<

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