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Arma 3 wishlist, my idea (really big post with spoiler)

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Hi everyone, its the first thread i create here, i have play the Alpha of Arma 3 several time and think about a lot of things for this Alpha, what the final game need.

So i have create a big/long wishlist and i will explain wish spoiler what i talk about in every point and give some example.

I'm inventor its my job to reflect about idea and the list i have create is not based on what i want but on what the game really need.

And before i start i want to apologize myself for my English, its not my natal language and i'm dyslexic.

Text in spoiler are really long, you was warned !

Map and bot/player order including :

Realistic map and GPS system, waypoint system, advanced/more orders, bot management, bot specialization, commanding switch, bot survival instinct and military dog.

Explanation :

Map without any indication, no waypoint, no units...nothing, just a map but with navigation possibility, an example : Silent Hunter, or real life, possibility to use compass, watch, and also a ruler for tracing lines marker and with an indication of the map scale on the bottom the possibility to measure distances and triangulation possibility.

Before people told me that with no unrealistic map icon or anything else it will be complicated for "easy" gameplay option, the map player/allied position and other mark can be replace by something realistic, used in real life and finally immersive.

The GPS system, a friend of me have tested the future French military system, the FELIN, and every big army will having upgrades like this, the GPS of course indicate the position of himself (and of the person who take it by extension of course) and also the position of other soldier in the team.

Example with the French FELIN :






It also show enemy position cause we can mark them, and it can show some other point that the team leader manage.

In the game it can permit to having advanced actions with bot, also see waypoint in a totally realistic way and any marker created by any other player online.

With other player the possibility to switch from team to side can permit to easily see our leader and teammate without having too much person on the GPS, permit easy reading of the screen and in side mode permit to show every person on our side.

For bots it can permit to having more realistic controls on them for position and also something who can be really useful, the waypoint system.

The waypoint system is completely missing, we can just order to the bots to moving in a single position but that's all, we can't order them for example to move to any position and in the way to avoid an area or pass close to any objective.

Possibility to set up waypoint and lets the bots follow the route or the possibility to order them to go directly to any waypoint for example we need them on waypoint 7 and they are at waypoint 3.

Also possibility to "coordinate action's waypoint", for example we want to take an enemy position heavily defended, we position all our bot all around the enemy position over the detection/firing range of the enemy, we set up a coordinate action inside the enemy base and when we are ready, for example when a mortar or air strike hit the enemy position, all the bots will automatically attack this position.

I imagine this option to be easily and quickly setup, in our GPS system : we set up this action point, we set up what bot will do, we select unit who will perform this action and we can start it manually or choose to start it by action like enemy fire or mortar strike or anything else.

Bot management : Sometime bot don't want to obey, obey and do everything except what we ask them to do and we have no idea why better bot management will be great, order need to work and when it don't we have to know why...When we attack an enemy position and that all our hope is focus on an AI who have to do something important and just say : Negative...Its not the best way and the most realistic way to play the game...

Also bot specialization don't work, bot with AT rocket don't shoot on enemy vehicle, we need more specialization like the spotter, sniper without sniper is pretty useless in real life for long range sniper, we need a bot who will told us with the actual range, position/direction of the target and other parameters where to shoot, like real life for player and give more accurate aim to sniper bots, sometime he must automatically stay away from the sniper and give him indication from long range.

We need AI to do their role, autorifleman need to do suppressing fire, medic need to more take care about other bot/player by health them when needed or move them to cover position when hurt and unable to move, we need more medical problems, heavy bleeding, intracranial injury and other head injury, bone fracture, cut and other things, and better first aid kit, the medic have several of them but for some problem he will use several time the same first aid kit, some time a light injury don't need to use the whole first aid kit, other need to use two of them, also with the medikit he have unlimited health, its nice but not realistic, a really huge number or even realistic consummation of object inside will be nice, look at the game Americas Arma 3, a simple but nice health system is in the game, possibility to treat soldier (player and bot) depending of their kind of injury will be nice, morphine who kill the pain but for a certain period give difficulty to aim and a limited quantity of morphine available, more player interaction will be nice, with a correct time for this kind of action and possibility to make a worst situation if not done correctly, i will back latter to player roles, but be sure i don't talk about surgery simulator, just something with a minimum of realism like possibility to pass out and medic (only) an help.

And about medical injuries and things like this, what about an indicator of injuries who show if we bleeding, where we are hurt and things like this, and also indicator of stance like this one : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19017 and also indication of the actual selected speed, if when we will start to moving we will walk or run.

Some people will maybe think that it was not realistic, but in real life you feel where you are hurt cause of the pain, and even with the great rendering of Arma 3 we can't really see where we bleeding, and same for position, sometimes we don't know our exact position in the game, in real we clearly know if we are stand up or prone, and same for speed, in real life we know if we will walk or run.

Both with more strategy, coordinate action and possibility to see IR laser with NVG on and other details like this.

Commandment switch : When a squad except a single guy is eliminated, the possibility to take the isolated guy on our command "if he want" or "if he can" (if he is not doing another task that he can't stop) or to take anyone on our team and to give him a temporary command on his small group, like we need him to do an important task that we can't command cause we have to do another important task, like he have to take care about a position of vehicle with only a single guy who defending it but we need to take care about the other base next to this one for avoid them to be outnumbered.

So we order him to do something and we give him 2 of our guy for cover him, he need to have the control of them, we can't just send 3 guy like this, one have to command and order two other.

Anyways the commandment switch work when leader got killed and for a lot of reason it will be useful.

Also bot don't want to survive, when their got shoot by teammate, or when we firing at them but they are not touch, they don't try to find cover, they will just return fire, just throw a grenade on your teammate, they will wait to explode with the grenade, same when we running at them with car, enemy or friendly, both will just wait to be killed, also an animation for bots/player when they take a shoot.

What about military dog ?

Not only AI but also playable, with Day Z SA the improved dog was available now, what about unit like military dog master and war dog able to smell, track and find target, with (for the playable) a visual effect who look like a smoke for give us information about the odor position and a simple indication of the odor type, like color one for master, one for friendly/allied, one for civilian and neutral, one for hostile and another for the guy/thing who track, possibility to attack and bite, for both bot and playable, anyway we can already embody a rabbit, it will be realistic and nice with war dog in a war game after all, the dog can also be ambulance dogs and other form of help, immobilize enemy and other things who can add a lot in the gameplay.

Player and bot climb on small wall, jump over space, catch up, and jump on the ground, rotation/bend animation, bag object delay, Grenade "tactical" trow, Watch/compass/map/GPS animation, scuba computer, weapon switching while moving.

Actually we can vault but nothing else, i completely agree to everyone who don't want the jump, i don't want to see this and see people from Battlefield or COD jump everywhere/everytime.

But possibility to jump OVER object is missing, when we have a simple sandbag like this :


We can't vault or jump climb over and walk on it and we can even walk trough it by using vault command several time, its better than jump everywhere everytime but it was not realistic.

Soldier have several training and during the parkour training they several things to do like this :







We must have possibility to climb on small wall like 2,5m like real soldier can do.

I want no more do like him :

and do like this :

I know its not possible to handle all this move in Arma 3 but some of them like the possibility to climb and jump over big wall and use robe to climb is missing and will be realistic.

it will be the perfect occasion to improve the ladder animation/action.

Same for when we walk on a roof, we are completely unable to jump on other roof even if it was 1m away, something that we can do with a single step without jump in real life, and roof can be useful for sniper, observation, ambush or anything else...

Some people are able to do this :


And i talk about this :


Imagine this guy to die just cause he can't step over... :Oo:


Also both climb and jump/step over have to come with the possibility to catch up the edge of the wall and climb over, look this :

Also the possibility to use the same key for rolling when we hit the ground (for avoid to be hurt) and a better animation for the fall cause actually and since always in Arma, soldier who fall, from 30Cm or from 2m always hit the ground by stay completely straight as a ruler was not really nice...

Also about animation when we rotate (turn) in any position (prone, crouch or stand up) the animation are not present, we just slide on the ground when prone and we can turn way too fast, sorry for the comparison but, in battlefield 3 we have a certain angle where we just move our head end our arms for aiming, it permit to turn fast, and when we pass over this angle the whole body rotate, in crouch we have a incorrect animation and we can also turn too fast, and in stand up the animation is correct, a little shift, but we still have possibility to turn too fast.

Same when we looking up or down, when we are stand up rather than just look and aim up or down we completely bend all our body in this position, it was really visually bad, for crouch position and we look down i understand, but for prone when we are completely twisted back or when we are stand up and we do the same, it was really bad.

About the bad we have a problem, we can access quickly to object in our backpack exactly like if they are inside our tactical vest or our pocket, we need realistic delay for take object on the backpack.

We need more possibility with grenade, first the grenade was too quickly trow, we don't take time take it and unpin it and the time to take it in our tactical vest/backpack, also with the new key we are no possibility of delay for the grenade, what about the G key if press quickly just throw the grenade quickly (with the time to take and unpin it) and if we keep the G key down we can have more control to the throw distance but i will back to the grenade fact latter.

What about watch really on our harm (or on our GPS system), real animation for check watch or compass who will be really in our hand and not just floating front of us, same for map, GPS or any scuba computer.

And the scuba computer is missing, i think its impossible to see military diver without it, i will also talk more about it later.

Something we miss in the game (like the jump over/climb possibility show) is the human control freedom, sometime its too restrictive, like Arma 2 where it look like we have a whale or a tank on our backpack, and when we try to change weapon we have to stop moving, it was not the best idea ever and i have no military training and i was able with my airsoft gun (same size and almost same height than real weapon) to switch it while walk fast.

Better weapon attachments, Armory mode, mission editor better soldier selection, special equipment, better diving.

What about weapon attachment ?

First we need another important attachment, the lower attachment, the one where we can attach bipod (almost only useful for sniper and machingun), grenade launcher, cause after all it was something that we can remove and adding, it use a simple rail, and the tactical grip who was really useful for a lot of stability reason, i have one in my airsoft sniper replica (and also a bipods but i know for a game like Arma 3 only one can be adding for a lot of reason) and it is really useful.

About attachment we also need realistic (more) function for the tactical attachment : http://i01.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/541926491/Matrix-PEQ-15-Type-font-b-Tactical-b-font-Red-Laser-LED-font-b-Flashlight-b.jpg

This kind of laser have a lot of modes, visible laser, IR laser (visible with NVG only or for mark target for air to ground strike like this

but i will back on vehicle latter.

This tactical attachment more than visible and IR laser also have a flashlight, look at this airsoft reproduction, the guy in this video show all features:

The only advantage that must (and have in real life) the flashlight compare to this its a more powerful light, we need several mods for attachment, flashlight, visible and IR laser will be nice for the tactical attachment, same for scope with FLIR and other heat/ir sensor, night vision and other functions.

What about the possibility to take attachment from weapon on the ground without need to take the whole weapon ? Attachment battery and possibility to damage in equipment/attachments.

Possibility to access to the GEAR when underwater, its not cause we are in diving that we can take our backpack, everyone in the water can open a bag and take something inside, we also need the possibility to exchange object with other player without need to throw it on the ground, something for give first aid kit, weapon, magazine, attachment or anything else to someone who need one.

And what about the possibility to put the backpack on the ground for saving time of taking object (if delay when object is taking from the backpack was implemented), you have to defend a position, you are beyond some sandbag with several grenade and magazine in your backpack, your know you don't will need to move from this position, you put your backpack on the ground and you (and if the guy want people around us) can have quick access to munitions, first aid kit, weapon, grenade and other things inside the backpack, some seconds are needed for moving cause we have to take back our backpack.

For armory mode i talk about two things, first on is the armory in base but i will back to base after, and what about the comeback of the armory mode from Arma 2 with challenges, unlockments and other features (maybe some new features), but the most important part was the player customization and the mission editor, first i'm sure the 3D editor will be available again but if not please make it back !

First the problem actually we don't have any female soldier, and every soldier have the same height/size, some random generation must be available for bot and choice for player for both of this, two example in one here : http://media.desura.com/images/groups/1/6/5425/fema.jpg look at this Russian female soldier, and also look at the size difference, same for male with size and also musculature, some people are really large and its only musculature or large skeleton.

Also we need more customization, gear itself with clothes, type of backpack, type of weapon (available by default per class) attachment of our weapon, type of helmet and other things like this, we can't choosing it in mission editor, and soldier are not clones or always equipped with the same things, every autoriffleman of USA have not the same clothes and equipment/weapon...

What about this :

in mission editor, a button who permit to open this for bots and player with a new cursor, one for male/female, another for size, other for width, other for eight (musculature), one for skin color and a last one for face. What about the same possibility in Options -> Profile with possibility to set up default gear/cloth, weapon and attachment and depending of the server the possibility to use it if the server authorize it, same for civil, possibility to setup them.And what happen to civil woman ?

Also possibility in the editor to set up what is inside backpack and other pockets and the possibility to set what is inside any box.

What about some technological system, we already have them modeling in the 3D character and some things like the friendly position indication and other correspond to actual and futur technological feature for soldier.

Example here with French Felin : http://www.voltairenet.org/local/cache-vignettes/L400xH429/0-16-a5641.jpg



What about technological and electronic warfare, communication encoding/jamming/intercepting and other things like this, i talk about realistic and not arcade of course, mainly with drone like this :

http://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/original/2012/02/ARMA_3__2_.jpg it is remote controlled right ? Look at this : http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-02-07/iran-releases-footage-hacked-us-drone

Drone can be hijack, its not a fictional or commercial feature from arcade game, its a real life things who already happen.

What about this : (another example with French FELIN) http://www.spyworld-actu.com/IMG/jpg_militaire-tenue-felin-appuye-par-drone-2393765.jpg also this http://www.gizmodo.fr/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/504x_ravenuav.jpg and this : http://www.proxdynamics.com/products/pd_100_prs/ or even this http://www.jp-petit.org/Presse/ARMES/illustrations/robots1.gif ?

And i still reasonable cause look at what already existing today : http://www.futura-sciences.com/fr/news/t/technologie-1/d/dossier-les-drones-miniatures-espions-mythe-ou-realite_28976/ and worst : http://belleetcultivee.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/drc3b4ne-despion.jpg

About diving we need a lot of features like diving computer : http://www.militarymegamall.com/wp-content/uploads/scuba-pro-galileo-luna-dive-computer-financing.png and http://www.militarymegamall.com/wp-content/uploads/scuba-pro-galileo-luna-dive-computer-financied-1.png

A nice idea ?

Make a fictional diving computer (available only for diver of course) who will shot the time like a watch, it will permit to having a simple watch for soldier and use the same key for diver for look at the diving computer and also at the watch in the same time, Scuba military scooter : http://apollo-sports.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Underwater-Scooter-AVX.jpg cause mini submarine is nice but scooter also exist !

Base, mission control center, infiltration, advanced/tactical move/position, advanced vehicle.

First we need base, big or temporary but we need base with armory and possibility to take weapon in the armory, look at map and other things like this.

Base must be with mission control center, its a must have feature, why ? simply cause in war we don't just send Independence unit who just do their own objective and that's all, all unit are coordinate and manage by a mission center, and things like drone (ground, air and sea) are controlled from post like this and information about target, movement and things like this are transmitting to soldier in this area, mainly with the possibility now to having a good picture in picture equipment and several drones planed for beta/finale.

Also something really important that Arma sadly don't handle or in fact don't exploit in fact was the close combat environment and the infiltration, both are important.

First with infiltration : We need base with patrol, surveillance, defenses and commanding post, and also outpost, base defense like AA missing, radar, CIWS and other anti mortar/aircraft system, artillery and cruise missing system like Tomahawk or any equivalent.

Arma 3 already give the possibility to change cloth for enemy one and "infiltrate" base, possibility to save hostage, take hostage (like the commander of the base), steal data, object, vehicle/weapons to make any sabotage like destroy the power generator or the electric box, take care about automatic defense for preparing strike on this base, or give false position for any cruise missing strike or even to hijack missile or drone directly from the enemy base, sabotage vehicle, medipack, weapon or simply to cut off communication betweeen base/commander post and units.

Also things like special forces and commando will be nice with possibility of infiltration, assault, rescue, and other close combats feature with equipment like flashbang grenade, breachering exploside, spy camera http://www.advanced-intelligence.com/vid022.jpg and other close combat gear, possibility to have navy, marines, airforce, special forces etc

Possibility to be back to a wall and have advanced action like we see in Splinter Cell or Rainbow Six, its not unrealistic at all simply rather than throw a grenade just make it roll at the edge of a corridor, or open a door, throw the grenade and close the door, or throw a grenade in a windows, also possibility to open/destroy a windows for entering in the house/building from it.

Possibility to destroy a wall, a door or a windows (not just open it) and go inside, bot who really hide themselves behind wall and other object, explosion dynamic for inside like we are not touch by explosion trough wall like actually, if we are inside a big building or an house with open door/windows and the explosion are behind a wall, we must not be hurt, but if its was inside a closed place with armored windows/door the explosion inside this area can kill us even if we are behind a wall, but a wall must protect us from explosion, like this :

be sure that anyone at the other side of the wall will be clearly hurt or killed, wall protect from heat and shockwave create by explosion, even big one.

What about hand combat ? Real military are trained to body fight and other self defense, disarming enemy and things like this, they all have a knife, its stupid to see two people enemy at 1 meter each other just wait cause they don't have any ammo left, in real life i don't think they will just wait and say hello each other, we need things like disarming, gun butt, immobilization and neutralization and knife, what about taser, and other electroshock weapon, and other things like pepper sprays, look at this training :

We also need realistic vehicle.

I explain : in Arma a lot of people almost play only a single role, some guy in Arma will almost always use transporting vehicle, other always use aircraft, other always be medic (that why advanced medic can be nice, and other roles like technological expert with a minimum advanced role and things like this can also be nice and realistic, or AA unit with stinger for example) and its the same for vehicle, a lot of time people who use aircraft come from BMS Falcon, DCS or other aircraft simulator or know a lot about aircraft, and realistic vehicle can be nice and help realism.

Of course i don't talk about 3D clickable cockpit, advanced flight model and every avionic functionality, but realism will be nice.

BIS Team already have advantage with Take On helicopter who handle a lot, things like realistic operation, a little like LOMAC, Flaming Cliff aircraft for aircraft, flight model realistic, aircraft must have realistic comportment, its nice to make an arcade aircraft for open it to everyone, but rather than kill global realism, it also finally more complicated to flight than real one, for me its 200 time more easy to control the A10C or the P51D in DCS World than the aircraft in Arma 2, things like a minimum realistic avionic, a radar who don't work in a magical way, weapon who are really use like in real life, also expend possibility with datalink and other data transmitting technology.

For aircraft :

Aircraft must have 2 important main point :

-Realistic flight characteristic, i don't talk about the flight model, just the ability (a aircraft can't make a 20G turn or make 20 turn per minutes), stall, max speed, basic flight dynamic, if we bank the aircraft 90° side it must begin to dive, realistic power, full consummation and damage.

-Realistic avionic with radar, optical, data transmission, RWR, radio, ECM, IR and radar missing, unguided laser guided and GPS guided bombs, heat TV laser and inertial guided missile, trims for both aircraft and helicopter, realistic damage with possibility to rip off a wing and not anymore just explode cause the wing edge touch a pixel of a tree, ejection system.

They also need to be able to do SEAD (destroying anti aerial radar who guide SAM missile).

Anti aircrft vehicule with realistic function, AAA with manual aiming, AAA with radar auto aiming, SAM and other radar for surveillance or missile guidance, they must have realistic acting, they are create for shoot aircraft and they must shoot aircraft in priority rather than shoot mainly ground target like the Shilka in Arma 2 do.

or course not complex and realistic like this, but better than a arcade and totally unrealistic interface who completely kill the gameplay for a lot of things.

The user interface is also really important, radar use and auto/assisted aim like real life was important for weapon who use radar and autoaim like Shilka and Tunguska (for Russian anti aircraft vehicle) and i hope like we actually have for cars, we will have realistic 3D interior for this kind of vehicle and a realistic interface and not a totally arcade one like Arma 2.

I hope it will be the same for tanks with realistic interface/firing computer interface and use and 3D interior with maybe the animation of the canon and the loader


Who say aircraft and helicopter also say joystick, can you please give more support for joystick, a was stuck in the totally not clear interface, i try to use my rudder pedal, unable to make it really using the whole movement, i only can get it to work like a + and - axis but nothing else, its not clear for dead zone, curve and things like this, can you please adding more support, even for soldier, i use my Logitech G13 who have a mini joystick, i use this mini joy to control my soldier, in Arma 2 it was easy to control the speed, its linear, regular and smooth, in Arma 3 its really hard to control it, it really control the speed but in a certain area we directly make a transition from walk to run, same for vehicle, the joystick support was really bad.

And simplification ists nice but don't forget that sometime too much simplification can cause something be harder than what is was in real life...

Also the aiming system of helicopter was totally wrong when using a Track IR, its hard to perfectly centering the head and we just can't know where we aiming.

The flight model of helicopter will paradoxically will be more easy to control and handle by become more realistic, and don't forget that it was supposed to be a simulator and anyways people who will like helicopter and flight it (same for aircraft) will know a lot about real life one.

About vehicle, exactly the same way that we must be able to choosing what is inside backpack and other object, we must be able to choosing payload, weapons, ammo and other things on vehicle, air and ground, same for what their transport on the cargo bay, also the possibility to choice who is inside the vehicle, every soldier of an army are able to drive a combat vehicle like the Hummer or the Arma 3's Hunter, we need to be able to setup who is inside, the grade, the class, the skill, the object and other things in people inside vehicle, gunner, commander, driver and other.

We also need to be able to access to this bay when we are inside the vehicle, and what about the possibility to aim through windows and throw grenade from inside vehicle (and also be able to throw grenade inside vehicle) ?

Also what about boat ? i don't only talk about speedboat and other light boat but something like cruiser, destroyer, battleship, aircraft carrier, big submarine and things like this with realistic gun, aiming, detection system and several things like anti air/missile defenses, cruise and AA missile and other feature like this with torpedo etc.

What about rain effect on windshield and working wipers ? cause visually it was realistic, it can change a lot of things cause of visibility for example.

And this time for the vehicle horn please make a nice one, a horn that keep active until we release the horn button, the default sound are not really nice or realistic and when we blow an horn it don't just make a short sound...Other feature like heater and air conditioning if you improve medical status and temps can change parameters on the soldier, what about fog lamp and projector (like some military or offload vehicle have) special things like the smoke system in the Abram (i don't talk about the grenade itself but about the smoke generator, who (i think) come from something injected in the exhaust system) and other special equipment of vehicle like possibility to two and more.

And what about possibility to chance seat, choice if we want to go to the left or right passenger seat.

Now for the rest :

Sound and visual effect, physic effect, interface.

What about a better sound environment, like this :

and please no more sound like the Gatling sound, it is a really bad sound.

What about some important visual effect like dirt cloud caused by big caliber who shoot at prone position, cause if we can't see the flash the first shoot (cause it is really short) we can see the dirt that the gun create, we can see it in this video :

its a real combat footage.

More particle like sparkle when things explode and for bullet impact, in real life some explosion create a lot of particle, with the option for reduce it if needed you must don't be afraid to create a lot, if people have performance issue they can reduce this, smoke and explosion texture are not really nice, i hope it will change until the final, and tree have a really bad texture in a certain distance, i also hope its something planed to change.

What about exhaust smoke ? Cars do a light smoke i admit, but some truck and talk create a smoke tail so big that we can see them at several km. Small example here :

and here same for dirt :
imagine the distance where you can see this :
and this

About particle effect, something really important, shrapnel, we need it, from explosion and other collision, also from any bullet who change trajectory and who can comeback, like this

and other ricochet.

Frag grenade must take all this sense cause its not the explosion who kill but the fragments, same for a lot of reason that shrapnel count.

Mainly in something who is really missing in Arma 3 : the munition cook off, visually it was nice to see it, but also it can help, "2h 300m from the cook off tank." in teamspeak for example or even cause if we are too close, we can be hurt.

Now what about interface with friends, server with favorite and possibility to rejoin and invite, an example with a game with a really close kind of server interface, Unreal Tournament 3, even without steam we can do it, now with steam account we can have it, it will be way more better.

And with some of my idea like hostage, infiltration, better vehicle and other things like this we can have way more game modes.

It took me several day to write this and obtain all information, i need, and all this idea come from for some of them Arma 2 idea i have and the rest i have them from the Alpha on the first day, i have analyse the game and look for what is needed and what can do a really big improvement, i hope you will appreciate my effort and i hope it will help with all the idea i have give here.

For saving size and make it more easy to read i have spoil details and give only main information, but i advise you to reload the page for open a new spoiler (cause no button for close spoiler is available in this forum).

Thanks for reading and i hope several (why not all) feature i have give will be integrated in the game or even give idea to modders.

Don't hesitate to told me what you think about the idea of feature i have give here.


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