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[DCoy] Delta Company

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Delta Company? Lolwot?

Delta Company is a more Milsim-Oriented gaming clan with its main focus in Arma 3.

We were officially a Battlefield group with roots originating in BF3. We later moved into BF1942 and BF2. Nowadays, our main operations are in Arma 3.

Right. So.

We interpret Arma as a way to learn good teamwork and military skills, whilst still having fun. We aren't Nazis on exact perfect military bearing; yet we still strive to retain a serious note. The majority of us are young- Early teens to young adults, but all ages are welcome provided you pass selection AND can act properly mature.

WE are new to Arma and have always been a small group. We currently have like 8 Arma 3 members, and we would like to grow into something big. (The more the merrier). We have a TeamSpeak server, a website, a forum, and soon will have a server for Arma 3,and BF3/4. The Teamspeak is ran in Germany.

In Arma 3, the clan is based on the British Military. It's not exactly like it, we've got a few things modded to fit our playing style and the game in general. That being said, I'm a Yank in the Yank military- not everything will be right. Current/Ex British military are welcome, we already have 1 and a few cadets. We use the BAF rank structure and kit for official games. We have a few mods that we use, but for public functions we also have our own unique look by using vanilla-only content.

We're based in North America, running off of both Pacific and Eastern time. Euros and Asians are welcome!

As is tradition we do not force upon you attendance requirements, but if you leave off for at least 2 weeks without giving us warning you'll be suspended pending removal. There's no point joining a clan just to say you're in it.


If you want to Join up, PRIVATE message me here, and we can talk; visit our Forums and fill out an application in the 'Recruitment' Section.


Microphone (Not really a requirement but we run ACRE so you might want to get one) No pilots or IC's without mics.


Speak English

Have a Steam account

Have Arma 3

Be able to work as a team

After you apply, and are accepted, you will need to attend introductory Training to be able to officially play with us and wear the tags. Later on, Section Training will be available to you. After serving One (1) month in Infantry, you may choose to specialise in a certain trade. (Medic, Enginner, EOD, Driver, Pilot, RTR, etc) at which point you will be given Specialisation training. After serving with us for a while you may also be up for promotion, which opens up NCO training for you. In each training bit you'll learn tactics, teamwork, how to play/follow/lead etc. You'll also have ample opportunity to meet good people.

Right. Now at the moment we're only open for infantry, to meet the requirement of 1 month infantry rule. However, here's a list of available jobs you may choose to take :


Section 2IC (LCpl)

Section Commander (Cpl)

Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC):

Combat Medic Technician (CMT) [embedded within a section]

Royal Logistics Corps:



Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers:


Vehicle Mechanic Driver

Vehicle Mechanic Base

Royal Tank Regiment:

Tank Crewman

Warrior Crewman

APC Crewman

Royal Air Force Detachment:

Lynx Pilot/Copilot

Merlin Pilot/Copilot

Comanche Pilot/Gunner

(When mod is stable) Typhoon Pilot

MODS LIST- current as of 20131223 18:00 CST


StalkerGB Infantry

BAF Mods

Kiory L85A2

NATO/Russian SF Weapons

VTS Resting

JSRS 2.0


*Modpack coming soon*

We officially play weekends starting Friday 9PM EST, with Saturday used as training (Times TBA per session) and Sundays for clan missions. any other day of the week we play other games or join up and invade a public server to put our name out there and learn to work with other communites.

So if this seems a good bit interesting to you, PM me here, hop on our teamspeak (, or apply on our Enjin forums in the 'Recruitment' Section: http://dcoydeltaclan.enjin.com/forum



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Stop bumping your advertising thread with fake "I want to join" posts. Stop answering those post as well. All posts have been deleted.

Any applications can be sent over PM or on your own website. Next time your thread will simply be locked.

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Recruitment is coming along quite nicely, and we're still open for new active members! Thanks guys!

We've started playing with 1 PARA on occasions and we run a server daily now, called Delta Company Random Daily Missions. Fully Public.

We've finally started using TeamSpeak and we're currently figuring out ACRE. sweet.

If you guys are under 15, feel free to help out my friend Emir get his new group started, Israeli Defence Forces.

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We've finally got our own TeamSpeak 3 server, and are working on getting proper game servers up. We've passed the 60 mark for members, but we're always looking for more!

With the beta having been out a few days for us, it's come to our attention that we'll need more pilots, and we'll also need CAS gunners, and vehicle crewmen. if this seems like something you'd like to do, let me know. we've always got room.

We're also now working closely with the actual Israeli clan, Israeli Defence Forces, and are helping them test/run a Project Reality (BF2)-like AAS mission.


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We've now got an official Public/Private Server- [DCoy] Delta Company.

We've got a website: http://wackobongo.wix.com/deltacompany#

we've got a forum: http://dcoydeltaclan.enjin.com/

we are now Officially using ACRE.

In two(2) weeks' time I'll be gone in BMT for the USAF so I will be unavailable until December. anyone interested should register to the forum and fill in an application.

PM me for more info or if you're interested, or fill in an application on the forums.


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The clan has just been restarted.

Post is now updated, we're open for recruitment once again!

General Training is now on Saturdays, with official games on Fridays and Sundays.

we also have a new Teamspeak server,

Cheers, and Happy Holidays to you all!

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