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Vehicle texture templates for retexturing?

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Are there any templates templates so one can see what part of the vehicle he is texturing?

This is an example from another game

http://img686.imageshack.us/img686/9577/templatenk.png (1501 kB)

Are there any templates like this for the "retexturable" vehicles? Like the SUV, C130 and the list goes on..

I want to add some fancy things on the sides, hood and the roof, and I want to know where these things are on these vehicles so I don't have to alt tab all the time and edit the texture just to make it look good.

I'll be using the SetObjectTexture.

This is an example of someone elses creation.

He used this texture


And got this IG


Looks like he has been using some template... I have been looking around the forums for days... Googling for weeks and yet nothing..

Same here. SUV. Looks like some template has been used


All I want is a template for the "retexturable" vehicles...

Please help me out. Thanks

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nohq.paa files... Simply turn them into black and white and bam, template done

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I dont know what you mean by template but guessing that you want something like this make-custom-minecraft-skins-change-your-minecraft-characters-texture.w654.jpg . That is just not how texturing in arma2 works. For every model you create a UV map that defines where the textures out of the texture map will be applied. So all you can do is have a look at the texture file and do some trial and error to find out where the textures appear on the model. Someone who has a bit more experience with moddeling is free to bitch slap me just in case I'm telling bullshit.

Just a last hint, this is one of many topics the community created tons of tutorials for. Just have a look at BIKI, OPFEC or other arma2 modding sites/communitys. For basic understanding of models, which includes texturing, I can recommend Mondkalb's Addon Tutorial.

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