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Force Recon Assault Group

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1st Force Reconnaissance Company, 1st Battalion, Force Recon Assault Group

**News Update**

We currently have Arma 3 M4A1's in use.

We have calculated the Kill radius and Minimal safe distance for all Arma 3 Explosives.

Force Recon Assault Group [FRAG] is now recruiting active players for our ARMA 3 Milsim Unit:

We are a realism unit looking for Mature Players to join our ranks.

We currently have several MOS's (Military Occupational Specialties) that are available. [FRAG] will try to place you in your desired MOS.

Force Recon Assault Group is structured around the United States Marine Corps. We train with real military tactics, and command structures. [FRAG] uses the best tactics and information to give you the edge in Arma 3.

Once you are in Force Recon Assault Group, we train you how to survive out in the field, give you the knowledge of the basic components, and turn you into the elite. We have our official training map with our own mods.

If you are interested in Force Recon Assault Group or have questions, feel free to join our teamspeak and or check out or website. *Information Below*

Join Today, Because there might not be a tomorrow

Apply Today at ForceReconAG.com

Teamspeak Info: frag.teamspeak3.com

Youtube: youtube.com/DiirusHD

We Fight What You Fear!!


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Hey tried to fill out your app on your site it is not working at all

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