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The proper way for making collision mesh ?

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Well, i'm stuck with collisions mesh. I thought that importong boxes from maya to O2 would work, but i'm facing some hard problems : i cant walk on those box.

Walls (boxes that face verticaly to the player) block the player movement, it can run throught.

But for grounds boxes (that are under feets of players) are bugged : player can't move, he's stuck into ground and can't walk on.

Here is the way i used to do my models in O2 :

- importing '0.000' model, apply textures, etc...

- creating a geometry layer, importing my collision mesh (that consist of multiple boxes, concave only), select all the model and hit "structure > find components"

- then select all components and aplly mass of 100

But in game, its bugged :/ How can i fix it ? Am i doing it wrong ?

edit : here the pbo for whom want to test it : https://www.dropbox.com/s/vjg5zsuoa3sgdag/em_buildings.pbo

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rstratton, i spent around the last 6 hours trying to get my object so i can walk on it, and i check this and realize it was roadway, i owe you a drink mate, thanks alot.

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