I have no clue which thread to stick this in at this point, but I think this is the most appropriate. Here goes.
I was testing the DAGR and Scalpel with the Pawnee, Hellcat and Orca yesterday.   Pawnee   Can't seem to get a bore-sight lock with either missiles (i was mashing T and R while the crosshair was over the MRAP, in the video) No HUD/painted crosshair makes it useless to have those guided missiles there at all Maybe LOAL would be useful in this case? Although dangerous, since it could lock on to any heat source in the vicinity. After looking through the slingload camera, the missiles start following the camera "laser" - i.e. they go straight downwards and operate in SACLOS mode.   Orca   bore-sight doesn't work, but moving the cursor over the target and pressing T selects the target and initiates lock (presumably when it's within seeker FOV). this is confusing given that the HUD symbols seem to suggest the opposite, and lack of vehicle sensors. If the missile seeker FOV is indeed that wide, maybe the HUD should suggest that? Co-pilot has no HUD (intended?) Co-pilot view is locked (as if controlling a non-existent camera) and free-look is disabled The passenger door seems to have incorrect shadows cast on it from the main rotor.   Hellcat   Bore-sight doesn't work Cursor lock works (see comments from Orca regarding this) Co-pilot camera can lock (which is nice) SACLOS doesn't work with co-pilot camera (which is odd given what happens with the Pawnee)
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