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Livgardet - Realism Unit

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Welcome to Livgardet

Hello and welcome to Livgardet, we are a realism unit in the game of ArmA 2/3 and we are looking for active and dedicated members to fill our Roles. We are tactically and strategically focused and believe in good discipline, and in great team spirit


Our Ranks:

Rekryter (Recruits)

Rekryt (Recruit)

Soldater (Enlisted)

Menig (Private)

Menig 1.Kl (Private First Class)

Vice Korporal (Lance Corporal)

Under Officerare (Non-Commissioned Officers)

Korporal (Corporal)

Sergeant (Sergeant)

1:e Sergeant (Sergeant First Class)

Fanjunkare (Colour Sergeant)

Förvaltare (Sergeant Major)

Officerare (Officers)

Fänrik (Second Lieutenant)

Löjtnant (Lieutenant)

Kapten (Captain)


Our Detachments:

Livgardets Högkvarter (Livgardets Headquarters)

7.Bataljonen (7th Battalion)

Helikopterflottiljen (Helicopter Battalion)


Rules for All Livgardet (LG) members:

1. All LG members are to act mature towards other units and also public people at all TIMES (website, server and teamspeak are connected to this)

2. All LG members need to notify its commanding officer if cannot show up for upcoming events, 3-4 days before it starts

3. All LG members are to remain active and to obey orders given by superior officers


Our Requirements:

1. Age of 15+, Execption can be made with a interview with an officer

2. Active on every Training/Battle, all events are on Fridays @ 19.00 GMT+2 (Swedish time)

3. Teamspeak 3 and a Working microphone


Our Mods:






website: http://livgardet-clan.com

Teamspeak: ts3.alpha-networks.co.uk:10076

Server: Currently have some techincal issues

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