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This is TroopMon3 for Arma2.

TroopMon1 was first written for Arma1 way back and served many mission makers to debug their missions.

TroopMon2 then followed for Arma2.

TroopMon3 is a reworked version of TroopMon2, that i decided to write to more efficiently debug the undead2 mod.

It was completely re-written and narrowed down to essential features for best performance.


What TroopMon3 for Arma2 does:

TroopMon3 is a GUI for Arma2 that is designed to help mission makers to precisely monitor

the combat behaviour of the placed units in their missions.

Lost, inactive or ineffective combatants are easily identified to raise the quality of a mission

and achieve mission objectives with a minimal troop-count.

Missions with uncertainty about the location of the involved units are a thing of the past.


- A camera with 6 View modes:

1. A fixed 3rd Person view

2. Free camera mode that can be positioned around the watch-unit

3. A gunner's view through the ironsights of the watch-unit's weapons.

4. A 1st person view to find out where the watch-unit is looking at.

5. A 3rd person view that cycles through a random selection of units.

primarily, units that are in combat are shown.

6. A more cinematic camera motion view of randomly chosen units

- Agents, Triggers, Buildings, Things and Locations can now also be observed

- Units and waypoints can be moved on the map

- Total overview of all mission relevant AI variables.

Crucial battle data is constantly updated such as:

- which enemy is targeting the watch unit

with the ability to switch the view to that enemy to evaluate it.

- which enemy is the assigned target of the unit

- The GUI allows for very intuitive unit selection even in high

Unit-count battle situations, selections can be made with the mouse.

All status data can be shown or hidden by little toggle switches.

A new feature is that you can monitor freely assignable variable values

from the namespace of each individual unit which is invaluable if you

use such kind of variables a lot and must find out what value a certain

unit has in a specific situation.

Also you can use the page number 10 to display values during the execution

of TroopMon3 that you choose via your own scripts.

Activation: Call Troopmon3 from the game menu accessible via the ESC-key

multiplayer menu supported too

Make sure to check out the demo mission scripts to grasp the possibilities for customization.


Download link : TroopMon3

Mirrors : Armaholic

Edited by Charon Productions

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Thanks. was waiting for some time for N° 3 release.

Once again thanks for your hard work and effort.

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Does anybody have a copy of this lying around? Seems all the download links (here & armaholic) are down. Would very much like to use this, as the A2 version was really helpful.

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The second link on Armaholic works just fine.

All other non working links will soon be active as well. I think I am done downloading a few thoussand files to offer a third download server thans to the support of a very kind community member (still need to upload though) :)

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