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settings to increase muzzle flash and recoil?

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that would visually undeniably cool

making a weapon seem to have more kick or power to it

maybe some tweakability to the gun sounds

like bass, treble, things like that

make the gun sounds more wisp, or be able to add more thunder to it

i think that would be a neat effect

btw any melee combat ever going to be added?

at least some pushing, be able to push someone or grab as hostage type of thing

a few punches,

wait forget that

melee with a knife

this will sound even more interesting but less simulated

swords, hatchets, things like that

could even add a gamemode that solely focuses on sword type play

okay i get it, its a military simulator

the first few ideas i think should at least be considered, just to add some sort of finesse to a players hand from sounds to gun recoils that can be manipulated via ingame

as for those gamemodes, im pretty much asking for a mod

with very impressive engine i really dont see much limitations, the physics are fantastic, maybe a tad bit more tweaking? ive yet to check that, its been fun

what im saying

with more physical type interaction you will have a more immersive experience.

as for the swordfights and melee combat, well melee would be like icing on the cake, especially being able to take a knife and use that

the swords and things, well thats something else, extra sauce i guess

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You do realize that this is Arma 2: Firing range correct? And that its ONLY going to be a firing range game correct?

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Not sure if trolling or crazy

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