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[CAMP-SP] Operation Red Reaper

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SP Campaign: Operation Red Reaper v2.0

Author: tom3kb


Here is my new campaign for Arma 2 (this campaign was made in December 2010, now i fixed few bugs, added task section to briefing etc).

We play as two Marines and we fight against ChDKZ, first on Utes-Operation Red Reaper, leter in Chernarus-Operation Harvest Red.

For playing you need:

ArmA2 Combined Operations v1.62

[ Arma 2 v1.11 and Operation Arrowhead v1.62 ]


Put folder "OperationRedReaper" in your Campaigns folder. If you dont have Campaigns folder, just create one.

For example:

d:\Arma 2\Campaigns\OperationRedReaper


v2.0 - English version,

-added task section to briefing in all missions,

-new overview for all missions,

-changes and fixes in brierfing and in all missions,

v1.0 - first public release, Polish version


-SP campaign with 7 missions,

-briefing with tasks, overview with picture and short info for each missions,

-intro, outro and cutscene before each mission,

-you can change weapons before mission,

-you play as: two Marines, they take part in Operation Red Reaper and Operation Harvest Red,

-if in mission you have optional task, you dont have to finish that task to accomplish whole mission,

-bis modules: first aid,

-if teamleader (your unit) is dead you must load the game, even if you can teamswitch to another unit in squad,

Ps: sorry for my bad english.








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Jeez! 7 missions? And no addons! Wow, looks like this week is going to be an Arma 2 week!

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