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[COOP][MP] Airport Warfare - 24

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[COOP][MP] Airport Warfare - 24

By: Fackstah / Cousin Roman


This is all out war like no other waging at the airport, Bring back up grab your favorite gun and Roll out!

mortar rounds strike every 60 seconds selecting 1 of the players at random and will hit within 100 meters so be on your toes!

For those who cannot view the video due to not available in your country here is another link

~No mercy for the weak, no pity for the dying, no tears for the slain.


  • BTC revive
  • Opfor & Blufor AI
  • quick action mission
  • 24 players total 18 BluFor 6 Opfor
  • BluFor can respawn / OpFor Cannot
  • Day/Night Version
  • Mines/IED/Trucks with Extra Explosive's in them Spawn Randomly
  • Tonics Virtual Ammobox 1.7
  • UPS AI
  • SPUn / LostVar's Militarize area Script
  • Intro
  • Dynamic mortar Strikes
  • Many buildings and strutures added to the area
  • Tunnel Template From Armaidiot
  • Win condition when 2 Opfor left or less


Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

Edited by fackstah

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Tried to run the mission yesterday but got message "missing boom.sqf" and back to mission-choosing-screen :(

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I found the issue with the night version updated the link above.

it should be fixed now thanks for the heads up



Edited by fackstah

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First of all, thanks for doing this & sharing it.

I do have trouble with it, though.

1. First Spawn with Weapon but no Ammo.

When I spawn the first time into the game mod, I have my MK, but no ammo. I have to go to/open the ammo box next to me first, and select the right ammo type. In the latest Alpha build (103.608) this process sometimes doesn't work = I try to click but cannot select ammo. It will not appear in my Inventory. Sometimes it works and shows up in my inventory, but then, it fails to load/reload in my weapon.

Anyone else having this trouble? Might be a script issue, might even be a dev-build issue.

2. AI is always ahead of me?

Again, when I spawn into the game and try to play against the AI, I have to wait for the loading screens to finish (pressing Enter before, does not speed up the process). In the meantime the AI enemies are already at it. Since - as mentioned above - I still have to 'buy' ammo and load my weapon, I am at a disadvantage, because I am exposed to hits (even though I chose 'crouch' stance, while buying ammo) the in-game animation makes me stand up & I am visible to all NPCs (or even human enemies).

Most gameplay ends in the very first 10-30 seconds.

Otherwise, this is exactly the fast type kind of instant action game, I am looking for to play a lot.

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