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Saint Katherine Map Released

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Hello Guys,

This is the 1st Egyptian desert map in Arma II OA. It's a real Area of Saint Katherine with 10Km*10km.

A lot of help and support from great people Like Jakerod, IceBreakr and Bushlurker made this map real.

The map has 1 main town, 2 medium sized towns good for (CQB), 1 big monstry and 11 small villges.

I wanted to put some custom 3D models but my experince in configs is not that good so it's still V0.10 and with the incoming updates i think it'll be much more richer than now.

this is my 1st map I've learned alot in each step I took and still there is a long way to go and learn more.





Map Requirments:

- Arma 2 OA

- brg_Africa

- ibr_dtowns

- MBG_Buildings2

- mbg_gen_afr_buildings

Download Link : http://www.mediafire.com/?qac03gbc4thy4dt

Known issues:

when loading on editor there is an error saying no entry ....... location names.

when exiting the editor the same error with cfgworlds.st

but every thing is working fine i just can't solve this 2 silly errors

Your Feedback will be highly appreciated

on orazzaz@web.de

Thank you all for your support and understanding

Omar El-Razzaz


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Nice map, where did the vehicle come from?

The car was exa-RG-31 i really like this car .. i made the Egyptian Tex. for it.

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Thanks for sending us the release :cool:

thanx mate :)

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Congratulations for the release. I tested your island and I was impressed to say the least.

Great atmosphere and ofcourse amazing performance(I know it's a desert , but still).

I hope you bring over this map and other islands to Arma 3 in the future.

Congrats once again :)

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realy nice map, still need some work but realy nice map :) i realy like it :) keep up the work

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Very nice map, will be added to our campaign world soon.

Thank you for sharing it..:)


Made and played a small mission/scenario on this new ‘Katherine’ map for A2, called the mission ‘Taking of El Hadara’ initial mission set at 21.30 on a moonlit evening.

US garrison village/town, tight alleyways and buildings close together, great place for CQC. Great place for my pbo mix ;).

Anyway, truth is, coming back to my old ai setup was a joy compared to the ai over in A3, I know its only an Alpha, but!.

I had the USMC in Hadara using high building positions to see over the wall (it’s a walled town/village) to engage us attackers. We used the front door in, well entrance to Hadara, it was great watching the ai care for their own lives, not going gung-ho in. Really I don’t know if I can go over to A3 after playing with this type of ai. A3 at the moment ai wise is in a pre arma era way (thinking actually OFPElite, xbox).

Sure they look good in A3, its all very nice on the eye, but the best we’re going to get is probably ASR AI, which is not my cup of tea really, I know many like it, but its not for me.

EL Hadara had me enthralled, was really a very simple scenario, took just mins to setup, but the game-play was a dream, not knowing what or where the enemy was or indeed how my squad leader would take us into the village (I was just a rifleman unit), was nerve racking.

Once we got within the walled village, with help of smoke grenades and machine gun suppression. It took us 40mins to get to grips and get a firm hold in Hadara, there were only 14 of us going against 16 of them (I was the only human rest were ai), but it felt like a lot more. Consistent fire-fights moving in, around and through buildings and alleyways, having to check each building to its full height, balconies and rooftops. I played it over half a dozen times, just altering the clock time, played new every time.

Someone on the A3 forum, can’t remember who, said of a video I put on showing a pbo mix I was testing there in A3, they said "what was the use of having the ai go in buildings rather than stand outside waiting where they were placed", well all I can say is they haven’t played the series to its fullest. All I did here was put 4x3 and 1x4 groups stood within the perimeter of the walled village, that was it, no waypoints or orders just placed on the map. Had my pbo mix of the best bits from the best ai mods ever made for this series (imo), then one waypoint for the group I was apart of, from where we started outside of the village 400mtrs or so, to a ‘seek and destroy’ waypoint in the centre of the village, our group set to 'combat'. I then just ran the mission, wow..

Of course all the USMC had taken positions in building on balconies, rooftops etc plus some in the alleyways hidden away, that’s what they do if they’re just placed near any building or cover, soon as the engagement started they began to move forward through buildings re-positioning themselves in first or second floor positions and balconies to try and stop us breeching the outer walls. Don’t let anyone tell you they don’t use or fight from inside buildings, they do and can, lots of tests showing that, if you would like to see, linked in my sig.

Outstanding, 10mins to make scenario, where you have no idea what’s going to happen, just follow orders and keep your head down, watch and see it develop into soemthing great.

I recorded it, but will have to edit it for YT, will probably do that at some stage, may add it to my test vids.

Anyway, for now it takes its place alongside a few hundred more, simple scenarios that develop into stunning missions, part of my SP movie archive.:cool:

Really, thanks for this map, El Hadara alone has months of missions worth of various types..

I want to take my pbo mix with me into A3, but having tested alot of recent, its not going to happen really. These mod makers have left now, the ones who made the mods, therefore the pbo's I use. They were and still are the best ai mods to ever hit this series, without them, A3 is just going to be a tourist resort for me and many from my group, I think..:(

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now i'm working on 3D models to improve the map .. i promise you it will be much more nicer than what you see now, with the next updates ...

i can join you with 2 or 3 players here is our teamspeak :

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I really enjoy your map and I hope that you still work on it.

There is a lot of potential here :)

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Why is every config file from ca/ included in this addon?

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