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Great.. hackers are as big on arma 3 as they were on the original arma..

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I was just on a server where hackers were spawning things, have infinite health and ammo and spontaneously respawning everyone all to the same location all while broadcasting the URL for people to get the hack. Then the game crashed and it took me ages to get my mouse back by having to get to task manager and terminate arma3.exe manually.

I hope hacking is going to be addressed before it is released fully because if hackers can have free reign over other peoples servers then the game becomes useless and void of fun. On the original Arma I got sick of people spawning sandbags around people and blocking people into areas so I just stopped playing.

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Best advices right now:

Dont start new thread on this topic, its already been make very clear in a million threads around the forum....

Find a group to play with, Arma was never created to be a game dominated by "open server system" and it really shows now. Password the server and dont let anyone in you dont trust.

Its also impossible to do any kind of testing on an open server where people can run all the scripts they want and joín with unsigned addons.

People just dont understand "open server system" doesnt have a home in Arma perse.

Just look at the whole DayZ skiddie mess. Thats what happens when a closed game suddently creates 10k public servers.

PW is the way forward, untill we get BE so we can do whitelisting.

Hacking on public servers will never go away 100%, its just not possible in this world.

+ BI & BE has a ton of time to figure it out. They are not releasing full version anytime soon tbh.

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Instead of yet, another, thread:



etc etc

and at the end of the day:

the current alpha build contains none of the security protections that later builds will contain.

there is no hacking, pirating, cheat protection what-so-ever at the moment, it's an Alpha product, expect some headaches.

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