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ArmA 2: CO ACRE Problems

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Hey guys, for the past few months (I'd say about the time I got my G35 Headset linked up with the keybinds for ACRE's Radio) I've had this annoying bug... It's not the G35 as far as I'm concerned, since I removed it and the keybinds and the problem continued. It's a hard to explain problem, but...

Whenever I press the radio button, no sound is played (But the transmitting appears) and the radio isn't heard. After 1-2 seconds, it plays the end transmission sound. If I talk during the silence, it doesn't play the end trans sound till I stop talking... (Although again, nothing is heard). The only way to get it to work is to press, wait for end, press, wait for end over and over until the lucky chance that it plays the begin tranmission sound. Then I can talk, and then it transmits until I stop talking. I don't have to hold CAPS/Keybind, I just have to tap it for some strange reason, say my message, and it turns off automatically. This is becoming a serious problem during 11th MEU operations, and I can't contact Command Staff and have to resort to my RTO doing everything.

I can record a fraps and upload to YouTube (Although a random video of my error doesn't really fit the channel) if you need, but other than that, any suggestions?


Sgt M. Sasuke

11th MEU Nightmare Actual

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Quick update, if I use Caps lock, and then talk straight up it works.

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