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(No Respawn) Tactical Vignette: "Overwatch"

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3/25/2013: Mission adapted for .052 update, re-uploaded, re-titled to reflect playable slot number, link updated below.

Here is my first mission for ArmA 3 Alpha.

My interest is in creating fun but realistically-scaled tactical missions. For this reason, there will be no respawns and my missions will require less than an hour to play. They will provide the player with the means to survive and win via appropriate infantry and/or small-unit tactics.

This is a no-frills mission with none of the cinematics; I didn't see the point of giving it this level of polish when future iterations of the Alpha will invalidate the programming through changes in unit names, etc. However, the mission is thoroughly tested and plays out well.

Shrort briefing:

Assault and take the village of GIRNA, approaching from the south, with two infantry/AT squads and the following assets:

- Indirect fire support: mortar (accessible to Group leaders, 3 tubes, 6 rounds)

- Mobile vehicle HMG overwatch (AI) left and right, via radio triggers (see map)

Enemy defenses:

2+ infantry squads, 3+ HMG vehicles, some clustered at the TOWN CENTER.


All BLUFOR loadouts are vanilla except for the group leaders, who have a custom loadout including a LAW launcher with four rounds.

Tactical considerations:

The element of surprise is available to you, should you wish to use it, Lieutenant.

Indirect fires can be plotted from Map view but are more effective when targets have been sighted.

Victory conditions:

The players will receive a message when all enemy forces have been eliminated from the town. Try to accomplish this with minimal friendly losses.


If you wish to deploy mortars, make sure you select one of the two Group Leader slots. Use both the indirect fires and overwatch radio orders wisely.

Good luck and please post comments.

Mission download link.


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Looks great Bahger, looking forward to playing it. Uploading to the CiA coop server, which is no-respawn server only! Thanks a lot for supporting the Arma 3 hardcore community.

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Bahger, always include the available number of players in the mission file name. For how many players is this mission for?

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Thanks, Variable. Sorry about not adding the playable slot number. Every squad member of each squad is playable, so that's 20. It can work very well with only two players, as each squad leader ("Group Leader") has access to mortars. All other roles are essentially in support.

Please let me know how it plays for you guys and I will integrate all your feedback into future missions. So for example you might want longer missions (this one is about 20 min), multiple tasks (I will have to learn the how to make task briefings) or vehicles, for example.

In this mission I chose to use two decent-sized infantry squads rather than 4-man teams because that's what would make the mission realistic as an infantry exercise. I realise that this means that, without the majority of the slots being filled, there can be some hand-holding of AI, always a PITA in ArmA. However, AI survival instincts get a little better every time and even though they are still useless at finding cover in the open, they can take good care of themselves in built-up areas. Using squad/hold while the AI is not in enemy LOS to preserve the element of surprise while the player spots for a mortar attack on the vehicles is a good idea, as this will prevent a firefight from breaking out before you want one.

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NEWSFLASH: Today's update broke the mission. I need to troubleshoot and fix, I can't even load it in the Editor. Grrr.

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3/25/13: FIXED, re-uploaded, link reset.

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